Tuesday, October 07, 2014

my monday minute by minute

7:40 first alarm. I'm still asleep.
7:45 second alarm. Can't believe it's already new day and I need to wake up and get up.
7:50 instagram checked, can finally get out of this amazing warm bed to cold cold world.


8:14 finishing touches to my make up and I'm ready to go....to eat breakfast. I'm starving.
8:20 having cottage cheese with apricot jam and facebook for breakfast.


9:02 leaving home for some driving.


9:05 can't believe how cold it's outside. Cold cold windy autumn weather.


9:30 siting in a car and trying to get warmer. maybe I should start wearing winter coat already??


10:58 going home. Definitely warmer than it was in the morning. I also think can see the sun somewhere in those clouds.
11:02 food shopping!


11:15 finally getting home. Trying new Milka chocolate and chit-chatting with my sis.


12:36 time for some home made popcorn!


12:42 of course, added too much.


12:51 popcorn and fun lithuanian web show,yup yup!

10 11

13:12 and this is how it goes. Time for new Brooklyn nine nine episode.


14:16 need to do one paper and one presentation for tomorrow :( time to make myself to actually do it.
14:45 I need a nap.
15:17 I slept for one song. Loong song.
15:56 my mom finally got back home. Time for dinner!
17:22 totally lost track while eating and talking with my family. Time to get back to work


17:50 one of these days I'm going to roll my eyes too hard and I'm going to go blind
18:41 finished two presentations and one paper for this week. Time for some One Tree Hill marathon!


00:33 once again, I've promised myself to go sleep early and guess what... good night!

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