Friday, October 31, 2014

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Hi hi hello! I know this might sound weird, I mean haven't I already had twitter? Yeees, I indeed did. I still do. Now, let's make some things clear (here comes my essays and history):
I created my twitter account 4 years ago (2010 june) and I didn't even have blog then (I think) and I remember how I started tweeting (it was february, I had just bought new phone) and I got so addicted, I've met tons of people and now I have almost 7k tweets of my little nonsense. And one evening I was siting and thinking that I've already said too much and I shouldn't have. So I decided to make that account private and only let people I know to read those things. Of course, I could have deleted all too private tweets and not tweet those things, but it's just so good to get some bs of my chest. So I decided to let my other old account make some good things and I decided to have two accounts - one for business and other for personal life. Once again I've learned those two things don't work together... Oh, and I promise no Lithuanian tweets in new account, since I think it was kinda annoying if you were following my old account and you don't understand Lithuanian. I'm sorry!
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