Friday, October 31, 2014

cozy friday evening

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Candles, lights, warm tea and good music. I know most people right now celebrate halloween, but today I chose home and relaxing. I'm happy to see October end, this month was one of the worst for me. Looking forward to November a lot! 
Oh and by the way, yes, I already have Christmas lights on. Once summer ended, Christmas is all I think about! 

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Hi hi hello! I know this might sound weird, I mean haven't I already had twitter? Yeees, I indeed did. I still do. Now, let's make some things clear (here comes my essays and history):
I created my twitter account 4 years ago (2010 june) and I didn't even have blog then (I think) and I remember how I started tweeting (it was february, I had just bought new phone) and I got so addicted, I've met tons of people and now I have almost 7k tweets of my little nonsense. And one evening I was siting and thinking that I've already said too much and I shouldn't have. So I decided to make that account private and only let people I know to read those things. Of course, I could have deleted all too private tweets and not tweet those things, but it's just so good to get some bs of my chest. So I decided to let my other old account make some good things and I decided to have two accounts - one for business and other for personal life. Once again I've learned those two things don't work together... Oh, and I promise no Lithuanian tweets in new account, since I think it was kinda annoying if you were following my old account and you don't understand Lithuanian. I'm sorry!
P.S tweet me if you're following me, I'll follow back :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


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Few randoms I've found while deleting photos from my camera. Most of those take place somewhere in summer, good to remember good times while being stuck in cold cold autumn. :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

gods & monsters

sweater - lindex // dress - new yorker

Monday, October 13, 2014

recent buys

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Simple summer dress from New Yorker. I was in I need to wear more dresses mood, so why not haha


Simple, but made from organic cotton shirt from Vero Moda. 


Dressy blouse from New Yorker. I always wanted some sleeveless blouse and finally found something I like! One bad thing is that it's a little bit too big, but let's look at the bright side, I can gain weight now haha


Skinny jeans from New Yorker. You can't have too much simple skinny jeans, right? 


Treaclemoon cool melon fresca shower gel and Dove shampoo. I'm a huuuuge fan of shower gels with amazing scent and this smells like heaven! Highly recommend all of Treaclemoon shower gels, just because of scent. And I remember liking Dove shampoos, so decided to try it again, since I've already finished Garnier one.


Garnier face scrub and Beauty Formulas pore cleanser. Here's one funny story. I needed facial scrub and I decided to try that Beauty Formulas one, since I haven't try it yet. But while washing it off, it felt weird, too creamy and not really cleaning. I've read the back, there was nothing about washing it off, I've googled it also, and guess what. It's not scrub or anything, it's cleanser. You just need to clean your face with it, nothing more. I have no idea what I'll do with it now :/ So later I bought something which had "SCRUB" on itself, even though, it's a little bit too heavy and leaves my skin too dry.


Rasa face cream and Eveline CC cream. I've finished my previous Rasa face cream and I'm not sure if I liked it, but this one smells so amazing I just had to buy it. And that CC cream is my all time favorite!


Maybelline Colorama nail polishes no. 23 and 261 and NailSystem nail polishes no. 342 and 469


After taking that pic I thought those two look the same, so took another one to prove they're not :D It's actually black and dark red one, even though when I lacquered my nails with black one, it looked like it's dark dark green or red :/


Essence Stay natural concealer and essence mattifying compact powder. I have never tried anything except nail polishes from essence so decided to give a try.


One of the main reasons I bought this concealer was its brush. Most of other concealers have that lip gloss brush and I wanted exactly this one. At first I kinda regret buying this, because it didn't work, but now it kinda started to conceal (magic, I know :D ) 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

one summer day

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I was going through my photos and found few photos of one of last summer days, when me and my family decided to take short trip to one beautiful town here in Lithuania called Trakai. Honestly, it was my first time there and I loved it! I would definitely recommend to visit this town if you're here for the first or any other time.
And also I miss summer so much!

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

my monday minute by minute

7:40 first alarm. I'm still asleep.
7:45 second alarm. Can't believe it's already new day and I need to wake up and get up.
7:50 instagram checked, can finally get out of this amazing warm bed to cold cold world.


8:14 finishing touches to my make up and I'm ready to eat breakfast. I'm starving.
8:20 having cottage cheese with apricot jam and facebook for breakfast.


9:02 leaving home for some driving.


9:05 can't believe how cold it's outside. Cold cold windy autumn weather.


9:30 siting in a car and trying to get warmer. maybe I should start wearing winter coat already??


10:58 going home. Definitely warmer than it was in the morning. I also think can see the sun somewhere in those clouds.
11:02 food shopping!


11:15 finally getting home. Trying new Milka chocolate and chit-chatting with my sis.


12:36 time for some home made popcorn!


12:42 of course, added too much.


12:51 popcorn and fun lithuanian web show,yup yup!

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13:12 and this is how it goes. Time for new Brooklyn nine nine episode.


14:16 need to do one paper and one presentation for tomorrow :( time to make myself to actually do it.
14:45 I need a nap.
15:17 I slept for one song. Loong song.
15:56 my mom finally got back home. Time for dinner!
17:22 totally lost track while eating and talking with my family. Time to get back to work


17:50 one of these days I'm going to roll my eyes too hard and I'm going to go blind
18:41 finished two presentations and one paper for this week. Time for some One Tree Hill marathon!


00:33 once again, I've promised myself to go sleep early and guess what... good night!

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