Sunday, September 07, 2014

goodbye, summer!

I wouldn't lie if I say that summer is my favorite season and I wish it would last like 6 months instead of 3 (or 1,5 if you're lithuanian). So of course I'm sad for it to end. I'm looking forward to leaves turning red and yellow, hot cocoa, my tv shows coming back, big sweaters and ankle boots, but until then let's overview last summer!

My favorite new trends for tops were crop tops and crop sweaters. I remember liking those things when I was younger, it used to be a big trend back then (Idk what I would think if I saw 6 year old wearing crop top now, but I promise, it used to be normal!) and I was kinda happy to see it coming back.


My favorite trend for bottoms were ripped jeans. I know it's kinda old trend, but I think it became a little bit bigger last spring. I used to feel weird about holes in your pants, but now I quite like it!(especially when you putting them on and get your leg in a hole haha)


My least favorite new trend was Birks. I'm not quite sure if they are called exactly like this, but I saw it somewhere. I'm sorry for those sandals lovers, but no. NO. It's another trend I remember from my childhood and I really wish it hadn't came back.
Also, I don't know how I feel about boyfriend jeans trend. But comparing those two, Birks win.


Cosmetic discovery. I'm pretty sure I'm fashionably late, but well, my summer discovery was CC creams. I've used two BB creams and one tinted moisturizer, but none of them felt as great as CC cream! It not only gives me nice shade, but also hides my sleepy greyish face.

My favorite nail colors were bright blue and yellow. I'm bright colors lover during summer time and I didn't find right shade of yellow yet, but I think I'll leave it to next year!


Something I started doing. Well, first thing should be saying, that I got into beauty phase once again and well, I never thought I'd do it, but I started wearing lipsticks. I know right? What's next, I'll start wearing jewelry? haha. I just hope they wouldn't leave stains everywhere, but besides that I do like them more than lip glosses.


Hairstyles. I used to wear my hair down almost all the time, but this summer was diferrent. Once again I fell in love with high ponytails (really high) and found out new hairstyle - half up top knot. At first I didn't understand it, but now I wear it a lot. I probably ended summer wearing it.

My favorite new artists (at least newly found) were Zara Larsson, Banks and .

My favorite song/album. It would be really really hard to find one song which would describe last summer. Song I listened a lot was Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan. Song I've listening the most during night time (perfect one for night rides) was Too Wild by Afrojack. The one which will bring me a lot memories would probably be Perfect Form by Cyril Hahn (even though I think it was spring tune?). Talking about albums, my favorite ones were After Hours by Timeflies, In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith and Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey.


My favorite youtube channel. Well, I remember watching Zoella maybe two or one year ago, but I just watched few videos and it ended like that. I don't even remember how I found her again, but let me say, I not only subscribed to her main channel, her second channel and her boyfriend second channel and sometimes I watch her friends' videos, well, yes, I'm obsessed. I don't do it as much as I used to this summer, but Zoella is for sure my favorite youtuber from this summer.


My favorite memory. Too hard to choose one, so I'll name few. One evening with my girls siting in a car and talking and laughing until midnight. One evening and night with my other friend just hanging out in the city. My friend's bday party and driving home. Spending few days with my cousin's daughters. Finding out that I've passed my exam during night and couldn't fall asleep.

My least favorite memory. Getting hangover or food poising (I'm still not sure what that was). Failing one exam (passing it later was probably the best day in my entire life, not only summer).

Things I'm looking forward next summer

  • New trends. I don't think there could be anything surprising me anymore, so I can't wait to see that world can bring back up!
  • Trips. I hadn't left country last summer, so I'm looking forward for doing it next year! Also, roadtrip to seaside with my friends would be amazing as well.
  • Learning new things. Probably another language. I hope.
  • Exploring new places and meeting new people.
  • Having time of my life. :)

ps I know that this post is something different from my older posts and I know I was absent for few weeks. I'll probably post late august memories and maybe get back on track (not promising, will see).
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