Thursday, July 31, 2014

you're the magic in my veins

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shirt - takko fashion // jumpsuit - local store // shoes - step top // bag - daniele donati
on my face: manhattan soft compact powder (color chocolat 9) // rimmel lasting finish lipstick (color 012 guest list)

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^luxury dinner in balcony which started with burning my finger by touching 180 degrees hot grill. I will probably always remember this dinner, mostly because of scar I have now. But pizza was tasty! (and in case anyone wondering, I wasn't eating alone, don't worry, other person didn't want to be in blog and food counts as well)

Hello, lovelies!
I don't know why, but editing photos for today's post was DISASTER. They were too grayish, too dark, contrast didn't help, overlaying, nothing... I'm not sure what's the problem, I should be getting better with my camera and photoshop, I mean, okay I have my camera for couple of months, but I've been working with photoshop for 3 or even more years. Maybe it's this weather or my nerves just didn't let me edit them properly... For this very moment I'm blaming my lens and hoping to buy new one soon, but it's still just thoughts and wishes since I have bigger and more important things to buy myself (or save for them).
Anyway, let's get back to these days. I've been watching too much TLC, ate too much, went to sleep way too late and complained a lot about how hot it is. But what should I do, I mean it's holidays and I'm stuck in the city alone. All of my friends are out or busy and apparently it's way too boring when you're not busy. But I shouldn't be worried, I probably will be busy next week once again. I should enjoy all of those things, even if it's Long Island Medium (I mean, I used to hate this show and switch channel the moment I saw that woman's hair), fullness after pizza and entire pack of chips, going to bed with sunrise or +35 degrees outside (and inside). I even started looking forward to autumn, I want to start going to sport club, wear my oversized sweaters, drink chai lattes and plan christmas gifts. But I'll wait for it...
Have a nice night and sweet dreams!
Love, I.

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