Friday, July 04, 2014

the beginning of summer haul

Hello, lovelies!
So in case you've wondered (I doubt it, but anyways) I was planing to write this post this entire week, but either I was busy, tired or just couldn't make myself to do it. Buut, today is the day! And look, it's afternoon, not night as usually, yay! I started writing it on afternoon. It's 9:30 pm now. Good job, Irma!

Post name should have said it all, so let's go and see my newest shopping!

sweatshirt // reserved

So as I have mentioned in my wish post I really really wanted some kind of sweatshirt, because I'm loving comfy style for late cold evenings! And while shopping I found this one with camouflage pattern on front and back and also "Viva la moda" print on front. I already worn it couple of times and it feels really really good!

t-shirt // new yorker

Just simple light blue t-shirt with print. I wasn't sure if it's really what I want, but you can never have too much simple shirts, right?

shorts // lindex

I've been wanting white jeans shorts for couple of summers and I finally found the perfect ones! I'm just little bit afraid of how long they actually stay white, but hopefully I won't sit into something or lean into something which rouge.... (and also, I love lindex shorts and pants sizes, I always buy 36/S size there, makes me feel better about myself haha)

dress // local store

I didn't even want or need long dress, but I saw this and felt in love immediately. I also love the back of it (you can see it in first photo if you look closely haha)!

two bandeau tops // stradivarius 

I mean, look how cute are these! I wanted some printed bandeau tops, because I have only simple one, and I saw these and I knew - this is it. I'm also thinking how awesome it would be to have swimsuit like this, but I guess I'll keep them as bandeau tops and wear under see-through tops.

bikini top // newyorker

I wanted black swimsuit for ages now and I have tried millions of those, but there always was something wrong. And I finally found the perfect one! Too bad, only the top. I'm still trying too find perfect bottoms to match, which would fit, but not show too much. Aaand also, I hope it doesn't look like underwear :/ I keep thinking about this :(

platform loafers (??) // luciana de luca

Okay okay, I know these are definitely not my style and I'm still not sure why I bought these... But I really wanted loafers (they are called like this, no?) and I just happened to try these on (kinda as a joke). But they felt so good! So I just thought, oh, why not.
Fun fact: I usually wear 40/40.5 size shoes, but these are 39. I have no idea, but my feet are getting smaller somehow, these are not first which fitted.

earrings set // reserved

I'm not quite sure why I bought these either. I'm not earrings person, but these look cute and they're also really small, so I guess we're good.

Manhattan lotus effect nail polish (color 45T) //  Drogas 
Būk nail polish (color 222) //  Prisma
L'oreal Volume Million Lashes Excess NOIR mascara // Drogas

Just simple burgundy color nail polish, because last one I've finished already.
Yellow nail polish, because I really wanted to try it. Buuut, honestly, it's not my color. I guess I'm too pale or something, I just don't feel rocking this color.
And, I've never tried L'oreal mascaras before, so decided it's about time and bought this one.

^ this is how it looks. Bright and summerish color, but not really for me :/

Garnier Ultra DOUX honey treasures shampoo // Rimi
 Superdrug tea tree exfloliating cream wash (or as I call it - facial scrub(even though it happens to be not the same)  // Drogas (and also you can get it here)
I love... raspberry vanilla shower cream // Eurokos 

I'm not big fan of Garnier shampoos, but I don't really use them, at least not now. I remember using Garnier fructis shampoos (I think they still make those) when I was kid, but I had kinda normal hair before adolescence, so I can't really say if they were good or not. I've been seeing this new line and wondered should I try or not, but I always used to pass by and rather buy some expensive Syoss or OGX brazilian keratin (talking of which review coming soon!) shampoo. Until I've read two reviews (by accident) about it which both said that it's really good. And also those girls have amazing hair, so I thought...okay, you got me. I haven't try it yet, but maybe I'll write review after finishing it, we'll see.
Currently my face skin is terrible, not quite sure why, but I have a lot of breakouts and spots and I've been using home made scrubs - like baking soda with sugar or salt, because I thought it works just like any facial scrub aka don't work at all. But right now something should have happened, because it's summer time, I'm not stressing over anything (I think) which used to make me break out the most. So I decided to go back to using those produced facial scrubs and decided to try this. I already used it twice, it smells terrible, but I'm also thinking about writing review, so not gonna say anything else haha
I love I love... products (haha). But seriously, these smell so amazing! I already feel sad that I'll use it all haha

Rasa beauty drop eyes contour cream // Drogas

And my last purchase is this eyes contour (or circles under eyes?) cream. I'm not quite sure what it should do, but I just didn't feel right applying my facial cream which contains all stuff for spots on my under eyes and bought cream for it. As I said, I don't know what it should do, so I don't know what to say haha

So and this is all for my recent haul. Which one is your favorite?

Love, I.
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