Friday, July 18, 2014

last weekend

sweatshirt - reserved // shorts - house // watch - michael kors // shoes - deichmann
on my face: nothing! make up free, yay summer time!
Ahh... Hello, lovelies!
Once again, sorry for break, sorry for not posting a thing and sorry for being this late. This summer is probably busiest in 20 years. Not to mention july is birthday month for me... So many things to do, so many stuff to plan, so so so.... And even right now - I'm writing new post, editing photos, trying to make queue on tumblr, plan this weekend and other week.
Anyway, last weekend was am-az-ing. I went to my summer house with 7 other persons, we had amazing two days, hanged out, cooked some summerish meat (i'm not quite sure if other countries have this tradition), walked a lot, watched football, laughed, tried lake water even though it was pretty cold (two of us even took few swims, I only got into lake, but went out after few seconds) and just you know...enjoyed ourselves. Too bad I had to get back to city, I wish I could have stayed and properly enjoyed my summer, but no, I have too much things to do here... Oh well, hopefully everything will pay off, because yesterday I found out that even august won't be free for me. Can't believe I'll spent entire summer in the city...
Okay, I need to go to bed or somewhere there, I can feel how incoherent this post gonna be and I'm really sorry, I'm just too busy and tired...
Have a good night!

Love, I.
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  1. So glad you had such an amazing weekend!!!

    1. Thank you, I hope you had amazing weekend as well! x


Thank you :) xo

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