Tuesday, July 01, 2014

june memories

Some panffles (pancakes and waffles haha) with ice cream yum! // Preparing for hardest exam. I also have other picture, which shows how I actually felt about this one, but didn't want to share, kinda inappropriate. Well, most important thing - I've passed. :)

My favorite things about summer for sure :) & btw, am I the only one who eats watermelon like this??

One of those omg it looks like from tumblr!!! days haha // watching last episode and eating strawberries in bed. Fingers crossed for new season!

Having tiny get together with my friends - making sushi, talking, drinking too much, singing and dancing. And getting really bad next morning. On the bright side - I thought I will never eat sushi again (I was a big fan, but after this I couldn't even think about rice) but I did like week after. I wish I recover from everything this fast!

Trying strawberry water and liking it, but not enough to make it again haha. I'm just too lazy I guess and well, I like water the way it tastes. // My breakfast before last exam - fruit salad and coffee, yum

Yup, I actually did it. Well, still regretting, but never mind. Just friendly advice, don't do ombre at home, it will never turn good. Maybe someone could recommend good stylist in Lithuania?? I want to do it professionally next time (well, maybe after 6 months when my hair grow back..)

Visiting doctors once again... I hate this place, I just needed health certificate... // Eating chinese at home: guo bao chicken made by me, crispy eggplant made by my mom and rice with egg and peas made by my sister.

Shopping and seeing these mix for Oreo cupcakes (and brownies) :o Sounds amazing // Getting ready for winter?? Spicy red tea, Chai Latte mix and peach jam...sound really christmasy... But I almost drank both tea and coffee already :/ Oh, and in case anyone wondering, imo, tea is lacking taste a big, I expected it too be way more spicy, it smells like tomatoes, but is kinda tasteless. Maybe I need to add sugar or honey, not quite sure. And that coffee mix is also weird taste, kinda reminds chai lattes from cafes, but I think it contains way too much sugar or at least I found it way too sweet.

Because I feel christmasy already, drinking green tea with toast with peach jam and later relaxing in bubble bath... Definitely not summer things, but the weather is too autumnish right now, it feels so right to do those things! And I'm obsessed with bubble baths, I want to sleep there every single night!

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  1. Yum! I'm eating cherries and watermelon right now! :D I don't eat my watermelon like that but I should try it, seems a lot easier ha! :)

    1. It is a lot easier, for sure! :)


Thank you :) xo

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