Friday, July 11, 2014

i broke my bones playing games with you

dress - local store // Sandals - lorenzo
on my face: manhattan cover stick // manhattan soft compact powder (color chocolat 9) // l'oreal glam bronze powder (or bronzer) (color blonde harmony) // golden rose eyeshadows (two colors from palette w/o names on colors) // deborah volume sprint mascara

Hello, lovelies! 
Today was pretty busy day, I was arranging some stuff, organizing, planing, cleaning, packing, downloading music and praying for good weather. Can't believe it was so hot entire week, but starts raining and gets cold on weekend - time I decided to have little getaway. I have only three free days in a week in july this year, so I want to make the most of them and decided to travel to my summerhouse for some tanning, swimming and good time. But today was so cold, it was raining most of the time and I just hope so so much it won't be like this tomorrow :/ Anyway, I have some more packing to do. Hope you all have a good evening and nice dreams tonight! :)

Love, I. 
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