Wednesday, June 04, 2014

spring shopping pt. 2

I can't imagine living without facial cream, but I still hadn't found THE ONE so I'm trying as much face creams as possible to find the perfect one. My skin is mixed type, dry and oily at the same time, so it's twice as difficult to find cream which would not dry skin too much, but not be too oily. And I decided to give a try to this Lithuanian brand "Rasa" cream, which is for problem skin. At first I quite liked it - it don't dry skin too much, gives matte tone and most important don't smell anything weird (I'll write tiny review about my previous facial cream, stay tuned). But after using it for week or so I start seeing some things I don't like. I don't know if it's cream or what, but nowadays, if I don't apply cream to my face - my face is super dry, I can peel all the skin. I'm not sure if it's cream problem, but I also got tiny spots on my face the other day, but maybe it's stress result... (Lietuvaitės, jeigu esat naudoję šį kremą, prašau, pasidalinkit savo patirtimi ir įžvalgom,ką :) )

When it comes to hair... I only use leave in conditioner, because those rinse-off ones don't work for me. But when I was going abroad last year, I decided not to take conditioner and buy hairspray instead (the only reason I use conditioner is because my hair is really fizzy and static). And the only brand with travel size hairsprays I could find was this kinda cheap one - Isana. And for my own surprise their hairsprays are kinda good! So this time I bought the bigger version, since I started using hairspray almost everyday.

Okay okay, surprise, huh? :D This was surprise for me too, to be honest. So I was planing and planing to change my hair somehow (I did cut it on monday, feels so weird :/ ) and I decided - ombre it is. I don't care if someone says it's not popular anymore, I mean do you really dye your hair because it's popular? And I don't want to go full blonde or black or red, believe it won't suit me. I have never died my hair before, by the way, so I think doing ombre would hurt them the less (which is the main reason I never died them). And I went to my hairdresser for this - but she don't do ombre and I don't want to go to any other hairdresser so decided to do this at home. If it turns great - I'll share results, if not - I'll probably cut my hair haha

So here's my dreamed bright blue color polish haha. So since my last one, Colorama, which is kinda not cheap, chipped the same day, I decided to buy the cheap one this time, because why spent much money on sucky polishes. And guess what, it actually lasts. And I spent only 1EUR!

I'm not big fan of Deborah mascaras, but my sister insisted... We'll see how this one works, but I'll probably go back to MaxFactor asap....

Yeees, I know, totally not my style. Well, decided to give a try to something different than skinny jeans. It's summer after all, and you need some lightweight material, right? :) Outfit coming soon! (I hope)

So, here's the last part of my spring shopping. I'm already making my summer wishlist, but now going to continue studying for my exam tomorrow :( Have a good evening!

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