Saturday, June 07, 2014

new blog name!

Hello! I know this is probably totally out of the blue, but I was thinking about it for quite long time now and I finally changed my blog name (well, URL name). From now on it's MLWSAS! I was trying to come up with something short and well remembered,but it was too hard, I'm the worst of creating url's or nicknames or anything like that. I just didn't feel like keeping same old name anymore, I came up w/ it when I was 16 or something and I honestly hated it... The worst thing right is that I wanted to keep my old posts under new name, so I just changed URL, but if you go to old name, you won't be redirected. Also, my apologies to followers via bloglovin, if you still want to follow my blog via bloglovin you have to click on new link (on right side of blog) or just click here :)
Well, I hope I didn't forget anything else and really really hope that new name will bring some new spirits here, because recently I was feeling like I don't have blogger spirit :/
Anyway, what do you think about new name? Was it mistake and I should have kept the old one?
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