Monday, June 02, 2014

may memories

Celebrating mother's day by making chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast, having dinner at Chinese and walking in the old town.
After days with terrible health, decided to do blood test to see if I have that bacteria in my stomach. Blood test was negative. Happy and not at the same time, because still don't know what is wrong. // Going home from uni and picking up my post. Little things which make day brighter haha
Taking part in a conference and also going on stage and hoping not to throw up in front of everyone.
Sister's chocolate cherry cupcakes and my healthy smootie. I think I'll post recipe one day.
Having dinner w/ friends on my cheat day. // Going to decide who's gonna be our president! I know this sounds terrible, but I just went so that they wouldn't vote instead of me...
Having lunch with my friend near the river during really really hot day. Sushi of course!
Outfit for Saturday day. // As much as I love driving in front seat, it's so good to drive like this haha
Going to uni to listen to my friends presentations. I actually had free day and went... How good of a friend! haha // I wish KlaipÄ—da was our destination.... Too bad not this time :( 
Watching movie after hmmm few months I guess? This time 'That Awkward Moment' just because of Zac Efron haha. And he probably was the only good thing about this movie. // And as person who studies marketing, I get affected by ads pretty easily. I kept seeing this beer w/ cola ad at city so many times I had to try it! Even though not sure if I would recommend it...
Detox water victim. Not really sure if it helps/works, but it was nice to try something different than plain water. First bottle cucumber and grapefruit, second - lemon. 
One of the best nights of may for sure. I had really hard week ahead (6 assignments in 4 days), but still decided to go out w/ my girls and I'm so happy I did! It was nice to walk during evening and sit in a car till midnight and talk... 
Not really my style, but....second part of spring shopping coming soon! // I thought we live in Narnia... Apparently I was wrong. We do have Ben&Jerry's ice cream.
Summer weather - time to take long skirts out! // Most beautiful roses and candies.♥  
Quick selfie before going to morning lesson (it was 7:30 am and I look pretty normal,huh) // Red roses to brighten my room :)

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