Saturday, June 21, 2014

may empties

I know it's ending of June and I'm so so late, but late is better than never right?
So here are few of may empties aka products i've finished fully. There was few more, but silly me threw them out before got an idea to make post like this. Oh well.

Lumene "Glow without shine" moisturizer from "Natural Code" series. Well, first of all I got to say that my skin is problematic - both dry and oily. And this moisturizer was kinda good - it did moisturized my face and didn't make it drier than it was before. But let's stop here. I usually have tendency to smell every product I buy before buying and not smelling this one was biggest mistake. It contains 90% natural ingredients and at first I thought that this caused the smell of it, but in ingredients there was mentioned parfum (fragrance), so obviously it was some added odor. It smells terrible. Believe me. I mean it was good and all, but I probably won't buy it again just because of that smell. I even felt it after applying powder on my face. And also, I'm not big fan of this type of package, too hard to get it out when it's coming to an end. So overall, I give it 6,5/10.

Isana travel size hairspray. As I mentioned before I needed travel size hairspray and this was the only choice, but I haven't regret buying it for a second. I don't have much to say about it, I guess it did its job (I'm not really sure what hairsprays should do) and most important it doesn't smell anything weird (like once I went to my grandmother's and I needed hairspray and borrowed hers and it smelled so terrible, I got sick from that smell and I only get it out after washing my hair twice). So 10/10 for doing its job, size and odor. ps this may sound silly, but all travel size hairsprays are good for safety, you can carry in your bag, it's not heavy or anything and works just like tear gas (pepper spray).

MaxFactor Wild Mega volume mascara. The first I started using it, it wasn't really that good, not as I was expecting it to be. But weird thing, it got better just before I thought it gonna end. It doesn't do any dramatic look, doesn't really make eyelashes longer or  more volumish than other MaxFactor mascaras, but it does make them different than without mascara - blacker at least.

Brush is not really big, you can easily reach every eyelash and not poke your eye or get mascara all over eyelid. But sometimes I do need to separate eyelashes after applying this mascara, I think plastic brush would work better.

And here's comparison of my lashes w/o and w/ this mascara (only one layer, no other product used). As I said most apparent thing is color - at least for me, since my eyelashes are not that black themselves. And even if it feels like it didn't change at all, overall it makes me look different. Despite all things mentioned before, it stays for entire day, my make up remover removes it well, it doesn't irritate my eyes.. So I think it's 7,5/10. If it was the last mascara on earth I would survive. :)

So that's it for my tiny reviews, have you ever used any of these products? Do you agree with my opinion? :)
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