Monday, June 23, 2014

i've got feathers in my hair

^ this is my way to motivate myself haha
^summer shopping yay!

Hi hi hello! How are you? :)
So today I woke up little bit before 11:30 am because it was so dark outside I thought it's still early morning! (definitely not because I stayed up until 2 am watching Zoella's vlogs and wondering should I start vloging too) It was raining all day long and only now it stopped and sun is finally out! I had greek yogurt and strawberries for breakfast which probably for now on will be my favorite healthy breakfast. And I did literally nothing today. Planned upcoming days a bit and tried to get myself to study... Yup, I still have one exam till my summer and since tomorrow it's midsummer here, I have it on wednesday. I'll probably celebrate tomorrow a bit, so today I really really have to make myself to study, but I feel so tired and have no motivation! Yesterday I got my previous exam results and I was so happy I've passed that I just forgot I have another one coming up... Anyway, I need to pass this one and I'll finally have my deserved holidays. I've so many plans for this summer, I'm so excited already. Tired, but excited :)
Okay, I have to go and get that studying done. Have a good evening everyone! x
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  1. ohh the flowers look super lovely!!:)
    wishing you all the best for the exam! after that you'll feel sooo relieved:)

    lots of love xx

    1. Thank you so much, Nee :) I'm so relieved, because I've passed! :)) x


Thank you :) xo

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