Friday, June 06, 2014

i wish for...

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1. Ripped skinny jeans. Okay, I never really liked ripped jeans (I mean, you're buying jeans with holes in them!), but I not only starting getting used to them, but I also want them! And in both: blue and black color...
2. Short and not sweatshirts w/ print. I'm obsessed with crop tops, too bad I don't have body for those :( But right now I'm imagining this peachy short sweatshirt from H&M with light blue high wasted shorts...hmmm, maybe I should try it out? And I also want normal length sweatshirt too with some cute print or text.
3. Simple tops w/ some printed text. I would added crop tops, but as I said before, not for my body.... Anyway, those look cute too, I especially want that "I never liked you anyway" one haha
4. Black jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the best and black is too. And this one is from my newly store obsession - . I literally want to buy everything from there!
5. Bed Head Control Freak Serum by TIGI. I can only imagine how good this should be for my hair, and I also found it in local store! Just wondering if I can spent so much money on it...:/
6. Lip Balm In Summerfruits By EOS. I would probably have tried it already, but can't find it in local stores :/
7. CĂ©line Thin Mary sunglasses. I mean ♥♥♥♥. It was probably love at first sight. And I also saw analogs in Mango online store, maybe I should check them out hmmm
8. Converse low cut sneakers in white. I don't think any comment is needed here.
9. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G AF-S lens. This is probably the main thing I'm saving my money right now. I kinda regret I didn't buy it when I was buying my camera, but oh well...

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  1. that's a beautiful wishlist:)
    i just got my very first eos lip balm yesterday hihi, looove it <3

    a black jumpsuit is on my wishlist too!!

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  2. oh you're wishlist looks just like mine!
    the camera is reeeaaaaally good! I got it for Christmas and now I use it most of the time! it works great in low light and the bokeh effect is stunning. good choice! :)

    have a good weekend <3


Thank you :) xo

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