Friday, June 27, 2014

late friday's thoughts

^this gif is made by me from video i took

i remember thinking to myself - omg, i can't wear that electric blue nail polish, i'm too old for it, i should leave it to younger girls, those teenagers who have their life ahead of them, those who can live freely without care. look, i'm turning 21 this year, and i still don't know how to pay taxes and i'm still scared of job interviews. i'm almost 21 and i still don't know how to get to some parts of my city without checking google maps first and still being afraid i'll get lost and have to ask some stranger for directions. i'm almost 21 and i still watch stupid tv shows about teen boy who turned into werewolf or that one where girls were chased by anonymous person and didn't go to police. shouldn't i be spending my days searching for full time job, learning for next year and watching some serious business tv channel where those men know everything about world's economy? and i look at those pictures of those teens, dyeing their hair green, getting fake tattoos and drinking alcohol and need to remind myself that i've already been there and i wasted those years, because i was living more secure life being afraid of ruining my hair, not being able to remove that fake tattoo of weird butterfly and getting wasted. but what i forget to remind myself that at that moment it was everything i wanted. i wanted to spend my evening wondering through forest with my camera rather when trying some drugs in basement. and as i wanted when, right now i do want to lacquer my nails bright electric blue. and i do want to watch those stupid tv shows, because they are so addictive. and if i ever wish to dye my hair green - i should do it. and it doesn't matter if i'm twenty-one or fifty-two.
i think this is something more people should remind themselves. who cares what other thinks? as long as it makes you happy you should do it, if it is watching teenage tv shows or getting weird fake tattoos. and age is just a number. there are so many things i could worry about - finishing studies, paying rent for my future apartment, getting job, living on my own for my entire life or even those stupid things which probably will never happen like getting stuck on a elevator or getting into a car crash...i live today and for today. i'll worry tomorrow. and this is the only thing i need to worry about - tomorrow not to forget to remind myself to worry tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2014

i've got feathers in my hair

^ this is my way to motivate myself haha
^summer shopping yay!

Hi hi hello! How are you? :)
So today I woke up little bit before 11:30 am because it was so dark outside I thought it's still early morning! (definitely not because I stayed up until 2 am watching Zoella's vlogs and wondering should I start vloging too) It was raining all day long and only now it stopped and sun is finally out! I had greek yogurt and strawberries for breakfast which probably for now on will be my favorite healthy breakfast. And I did literally nothing today. Planned upcoming days a bit and tried to get myself to study... Yup, I still have one exam till my summer and since tomorrow it's midsummer here, I have it on wednesday. I'll probably celebrate tomorrow a bit, so today I really really have to make myself to study, but I feel so tired and have no motivation! Yesterday I got my previous exam results and I was so happy I've passed that I just forgot I have another one coming up... Anyway, I need to pass this one and I'll finally have my deserved holidays. I've so many plans for this summer, I'm so excited already. Tired, but excited :)
Okay, I have to go and get that studying done. Have a good evening everyone! x

Saturday, June 21, 2014

may empties

I know it's ending of June and I'm so so late, but late is better than never right?
So here are few of may empties aka products i've finished fully. There was few more, but silly me threw them out before got an idea to make post like this. Oh well.

Lumene "Glow without shine" moisturizer from "Natural Code" series. Well, first of all I got to say that my skin is problematic - both dry and oily. And this moisturizer was kinda good - it did moisturized my face and didn't make it drier than it was before. But let's stop here. I usually have tendency to smell every product I buy before buying and not smelling this one was biggest mistake. It contains 90% natural ingredients and at first I thought that this caused the smell of it, but in ingredients there was mentioned parfum (fragrance), so obviously it was some added odor. It smells terrible. Believe me. I mean it was good and all, but I probably won't buy it again just because of that smell. I even felt it after applying powder on my face. And also, I'm not big fan of this type of package, too hard to get it out when it's coming to an end. So overall, I give it 6,5/10.

Isana travel size hairspray. As I mentioned before I needed travel size hairspray and this was the only choice, but I haven't regret buying it for a second. I don't have much to say about it, I guess it did its job (I'm not really sure what hairsprays should do) and most important it doesn't smell anything weird (like once I went to my grandmother's and I needed hairspray and borrowed hers and it smelled so terrible, I got sick from that smell and I only get it out after washing my hair twice). So 10/10 for doing its job, size and odor. ps this may sound silly, but all travel size hairsprays are good for safety, you can carry in your bag, it's not heavy or anything and works just like tear gas (pepper spray).

MaxFactor Wild Mega volume mascara. The first I started using it, it wasn't really that good, not as I was expecting it to be. But weird thing, it got better just before I thought it gonna end. It doesn't do any dramatic look, doesn't really make eyelashes longer or  more volumish than other MaxFactor mascaras, but it does make them different than without mascara - blacker at least.

Brush is not really big, you can easily reach every eyelash and not poke your eye or get mascara all over eyelid. But sometimes I do need to separate eyelashes after applying this mascara, I think plastic brush would work better.

And here's comparison of my lashes w/o and w/ this mascara (only one layer, no other product used). As I said most apparent thing is color - at least for me, since my eyelashes are not that black themselves. And even if it feels like it didn't change at all, overall it makes me look different. Despite all things mentioned before, it stays for entire day, my make up remover removes it well, it doesn't irritate my eyes.. So I think it's 7,5/10. If it was the last mascara on earth I would survive. :)

So that's it for my tiny reviews, have you ever used any of these products? Do you agree with my opinion? :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

summer memories

I still have some days till my holidays and weather probably is in my favor - it's been raining for a week or so. Can't wait to holidays, summer weather and doing things I've planned! Until then, few photos from last summer:

1 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

And I'm also doing playlist for this summer too, you can see it down here or by clicking here

And also I'd love to hear that songs you gonna play this summer, share it in comments pleeease :))

Saturday, June 07, 2014

new blog name!

Hello! I know this is probably totally out of the blue, but I was thinking about it for quite long time now and I finally changed my blog name (well, URL name). From now on it's MLWSAS! I was trying to come up with something short and well remembered,but it was too hard, I'm the worst of creating url's or nicknames or anything like that. I just didn't feel like keeping same old name anymore, I came up w/ it when I was 16 or something and I honestly hated it... The worst thing right is that I wanted to keep my old posts under new name, so I just changed URL, but if you go to old name, you won't be redirected. Also, my apologies to followers via bloglovin, if you still want to follow my blog via bloglovin you have to click on new link (on right side of blog) or just click here :)
Well, I hope I didn't forget anything else and really really hope that new name will bring some new spirits here, because recently I was feeling like I don't have blogger spirit :/
Anyway, what do you think about new name? Was it mistake and I should have kept the old one?

Friday, June 06, 2014

i wish for...

Untitled #137

1. Ripped skinny jeans. Okay, I never really liked ripped jeans (I mean, you're buying jeans with holes in them!), but I not only starting getting used to them, but I also want them! And in both: blue and black color...
2. Short and not sweatshirts w/ print. I'm obsessed with crop tops, too bad I don't have body for those :( But right now I'm imagining this peachy short sweatshirt from H&M with light blue high wasted shorts...hmmm, maybe I should try it out? And I also want normal length sweatshirt too with some cute print or text.
3. Simple tops w/ some printed text. I would added crop tops, but as I said before, not for my body.... Anyway, those look cute too, I especially want that "I never liked you anyway" one haha
4. Black jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are the best and black is too. And this one is from my newly store obsession - . I literally want to buy everything from there!
5. Bed Head Control Freak Serum by TIGI. I can only imagine how good this should be for my hair, and I also found it in local store! Just wondering if I can spent so much money on it...:/
6. Lip Balm In Summerfruits By EOS. I would probably have tried it already, but can't find it in local stores :/
7. Céline Thin Mary sunglasses. I mean ♥♥♥♥. It was probably love at first sight. And I also saw analogs in Mango online store, maybe I should check them out hmmm
8. Converse low cut sneakers in white. I don't think any comment is needed here.
9. Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G AF-S lens. This is probably the main thing I'm saving my money right now. I kinda regret I didn't buy it when I was buying my camera, but oh well...

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

spring shopping pt. 2

I can't imagine living without facial cream, but I still hadn't found THE ONE so I'm trying as much face creams as possible to find the perfect one. My skin is mixed type, dry and oily at the same time, so it's twice as difficult to find cream which would not dry skin too much, but not be too oily. And I decided to give a try to this Lithuanian brand "Rasa" cream, which is for problem skin. At first I quite liked it - it don't dry skin too much, gives matte tone and most important don't smell anything weird (I'll write tiny review about my previous facial cream, stay tuned). But after using it for week or so I start seeing some things I don't like. I don't know if it's cream or what, but nowadays, if I don't apply cream to my face - my face is super dry, I can peel all the skin. I'm not sure if it's cream problem, but I also got tiny spots on my face the other day, but maybe it's stress result... (Lietuvaitės, jeigu esat naudoję šį kremą, prašau, pasidalinkit savo patirtimi ir įžvalgom,ką :) )

When it comes to hair... I only use leave in conditioner, because those rinse-off ones don't work for me. But when I was going abroad last year, I decided not to take conditioner and buy hairspray instead (the only reason I use conditioner is because my hair is really fizzy and static). And the only brand with travel size hairsprays I could find was this kinda cheap one - Isana. And for my own surprise their hairsprays are kinda good! So this time I bought the bigger version, since I started using hairspray almost everyday.

Okay okay, surprise, huh? :D This was surprise for me too, to be honest. So I was planing and planing to change my hair somehow (I did cut it on monday, feels so weird :/ ) and I decided - ombre it is. I don't care if someone says it's not popular anymore, I mean do you really dye your hair because it's popular? And I don't want to go full blonde or black or red, believe it won't suit me. I have never died my hair before, by the way, so I think doing ombre would hurt them the less (which is the main reason I never died them). And I went to my hairdresser for this - but she don't do ombre and I don't want to go to any other hairdresser so decided to do this at home. If it turns great - I'll share results, if not - I'll probably cut my hair haha

So here's my dreamed bright blue color polish haha. So since my last one, Colorama, which is kinda not cheap, chipped the same day, I decided to buy the cheap one this time, because why spent much money on sucky polishes. And guess what, it actually lasts. And I spent only 1EUR!

I'm not big fan of Deborah mascaras, but my sister insisted... We'll see how this one works, but I'll probably go back to MaxFactor asap....

Yeees, I know, totally not my style. Well, decided to give a try to something different than skinny jeans. It's summer after all, and you need some lightweight material, right? :) Outfit coming soon! (I hope)

So, here's the last part of my spring shopping. I'm already making my summer wishlist, but now going to continue studying for my exam tomorrow :( Have a good evening!

Monday, June 02, 2014

may memories

Celebrating mother's day by making chocolate banana pancakes for breakfast, having dinner at Chinese and walking in the old town.
After days with terrible health, decided to do blood test to see if I have that bacteria in my stomach. Blood test was negative. Happy and not at the same time, because still don't know what is wrong. // Going home from uni and picking up my post. Little things which make day brighter haha
Taking part in a conference and also going on stage and hoping not to throw up in front of everyone.
Sister's chocolate cherry cupcakes and my healthy smootie. I think I'll post recipe one day.
Having dinner w/ friends on my cheat day. // Going to decide who's gonna be our president! I know this sounds terrible, but I just went so that they wouldn't vote instead of me...
Having lunch with my friend near the river during really really hot day. Sushi of course!
Outfit for Saturday day. // As much as I love driving in front seat, it's so good to drive like this haha
Going to uni to listen to my friends presentations. I actually had free day and went... How good of a friend! haha // I wish Klaipėda was our destination.... Too bad not this time :( 
Watching movie after hmmm few months I guess? This time 'That Awkward Moment' just because of Zac Efron haha. And he probably was the only good thing about this movie. // And as person who studies marketing, I get affected by ads pretty easily. I kept seeing this beer w/ cola ad at city so many times I had to try it! Even though not sure if I would recommend it...
Detox water victim. Not really sure if it helps/works, but it was nice to try something different than plain water. First bottle cucumber and grapefruit, second - lemon. 
One of the best nights of may for sure. I had really hard week ahead (6 assignments in 4 days), but still decided to go out w/ my girls and I'm so happy I did! It was nice to walk during evening and sit in a car till midnight and talk... 
Not really my style, but....second part of spring shopping coming soon! // I thought we live in Narnia... Apparently I was wrong. We do have Ben&Jerry's ice cream.
Summer weather - time to take long skirts out! // Most beautiful roses and candies.♥  
Quick selfie before going to morning lesson (it was 7:30 am and I look pretty normal,huh) // Red roses to brighten my room :)

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