Friday, May 16, 2014

spring shopping

Here comes apologies for not writing for quite long time. And here comes long story about that happened. To see the real reason for this post - scroll down till photos.
Soo, I was planing to write new post last weekend - I was way too busy to do it during week, and also busy equals not healthy, I felt terrible - pain, no sleep, tons of things to do. And on friday I took part of student's conference, where I've read report (in english. in front of people. unknown people.) and I was planing to end that day as make up artist (just doing simple make up for a friend) and going to one party,but guess what... Friday was probably the worst day of my life. I got home around 5 pm and of course had to cancel plans, because headache was so strong I couldn't think. And all my headaches also comes with nausea. I still thought I could make to that party, so went to sleep, because it usually helps. But apparently not that time. I woke up feeling even worse... But didn't feel nausea anymore, so finally took some medicine and went to sleep again. This time I couldn't even think about sleep. It felt like somebody decided to cut my head with saw. The worst headache ever. And nausea came back of course... I don't want to tell you what happened next, because it would be waaaay too TMI. But to conclude this, around 9 pm I finally got better with help of teaspoon of sugar and half of banana (this is kinda miracle workers - sugar works for nausea and banana for headaches, at least it did for me and my mom couple of times). I can only imagine how I looked that day, my mom wanted to call emergency, she said I was looking so haggard, like those people who get to hospital because of being haggard.
Anyway, looking on a bright side, I did recover pretty fast, I still felt little dizzy on saturday, but during this entire week I didn't feel any pain, while I used to suffer from pain every single day these past few weeks. The only bad thing right now is my sleep pattern. Yesterday I slept for 33 songs right after I got home around 4 pm, and today was almost the same. I just can't make myself go to bed early and of course I have to wake up early...
Okay, enough of pointless text - here are the real reason of this post - my current shopping:

I think I'm not the only one who gets excited when some package gets into mail right?? And I was so excited when this came! The reason was because it was more than month and I started being okay with the fact, that I won't get this. I emailed their service girl and she send me the details about where my package is and it was in post, but I didn't get any note or anything so I literally thought that postman took my package for himself.... And on that thought next day I finally got the note! Sorry, postman (or postlady haha) for blaming you...

Love the fabric of it and can't wait to wear it during summer! This is so coachella! Too bad I'm probably not going to any festival this summer, but I won't waste my dream outfit just because of this! And I promise normal outfit photos with this, but until when, you can see kinda scrap outfit w/ this blouse on my instagram :)

I know I know... I kinda regret buying this, after all my legs are too fat for leggings type of pants. But I wanted them so much (I looooove leather on sides) and hey, I will lose all that fat, right?

I don't even need to do my eyebrows, but I heard so many good things about this and also wanted eyebrow shadows, so why not...

And I wanted light blue nail polish.... You have no idea how often this happens! I want one color, but get different. Anyway, this is my color and I love it! Too bad it chipped the same day and when I removed it, it left weird greenish stains on my nails.

So that's it for today, I wish I could say that I'll write more often, but since it's june soon, my exams will start and no time for anything else.... Well, I'll try... Have a good night!

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