Thursday, May 01, 2014

april memories

Feeling Coachella spirit...and saving money for it. I'll definitely make better outfit photos of this one, I love it too much!
1. Starting metabolism fastening diet and getting so bad next morning... Don't know if it's really because of this, because I'm getting a lot of bad aches recently... This was my breakfast - apple w/ tons of cinnamon.
2. Overnight oats w/ banana for breakfast and recovery after terrible day...
1. Driving to summer house. 2. Obsessing much,huh? It's not really that tasty though, too crunchy I guess... 3. New dessert for me - vegan chocolate cake in a cup. It was tasty! 4. Getting ready to sleep. This is happening way too much recently... :(
1. Healthy snack before dinner.....2.....& healthy snack after.
Going for a walk w/ ice cream on a hot day. 
1.Spring cleaning: the closet - check! I got 3 bags of clothes I don't wear anymore,those I don't like or those which are too big. Haven't decided if I should throw them out or try to sell hmmm. 2. And this is something I'm talented at. I cut my nail. It's almost grown back, but this entire time was hell to me. I had chipped it couple of times, it's actually painful...
Relaxing and meditating (and taking photos)

1. Getting back on track. At this moment I haven't done anything in week. I got bad at monday and I'm really afraid of exercising... I know that eventually I'll start again, summer is coming, I have to get in shape, but I'm afraid of getting bad again :( 2. Healthy snack (or try...) - check. I never been big fan of grapefruit (just smell), but since my new years resolution was to start eating something new - decided to give a try. I manage to eat half of it...still can't look at it.
1. Learning in balcony season started! Reading 40 pages in english about something I don't understand...definitely not my thing. Went to sleep around 2 am again, but somehow managed to do everything and hopefully getting good mark... 2. Eating sushi w/ friends at old town. I wasn't hungry at all, but still had to spend 2 hours at uni after it, so why not.. Talking about everything was good too.

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  1. OMG, so much foodporn! Everything looks delicious! And I love your outfit, the knitted cardigan looks so comfy

    1. I'm literally addicted to food, oh well haha :)


Thank you :) xo

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