Saturday, April 12, 2014

Life w/o blogging

Instead of writing new blog post I:
I am currently obsessed with overnight oats (you can see it in first pic). If anyone interested I can give few recipes I've tried ;) Also I've been obsessed w/ fruit salad, curd snacks and oatmeal.

I call this cheat days. McDonald's - okay once in a year; cookies and nuts in coats; all types of sweets and gluten free cookies; guo boa chicken made by myself for my family dinner; and this is healthy eating actually, but since it's bigger portion...; guilty pleasures...; lunch - apple, dried corns (idk how to call it,it's some kind turkish snack) and weird buttermilk drink w/ cucumber (never again..); pizza for two: meat eater and not so much,yup mine side is on right; making dinner for familia again - this time pizza w/ olives and different types of cheese; healthy salad; and obsession for life: jelly gums (or whatever they are called in english). I believe me and my friend are those clients who visit that candy store the most...

Two funny stories from this section: first pic - my snapchat to my friend (ps if everyone interested, write me, I'll give my nickname, I love snapchating ugly selfies) from one of house parties - we started w/ wine, but somehow ended w/ liquor. And another story is from that pic w/ phone number. It's from Valentine's day evening I've spent w/ 3 friends (one girl,two guys (at first there should have been 3 guys,but I hadn't met 3rd one,not sure which one he was) all singles,just friends!) and this other guy kept asking for my number, but I just didn't want to give it (ladies, you know it well), so instead told him to write his on napkin and he did. I never called by the way,oops.

I'm obsessed with nights and lights, that's all.

Well of course. Story behind drawing on my arm - my coursemate kept talking while I wanted to learn during finance lecture,so I gave him my arm to draw on it. Meet Mary Jane haha. And that big pile of paper is my paper study I did during winter break - 120+ pages about completely nothing.

&& there's many more of those. ps I didn't finish American Horror Story, just after all it's not my type of show,oh well...

Coldest winter for me. I actually don't know why, we didn't even have that much of snow, but I kept freezing with tons of sweaters, coat and scarf...

And worst part of it all. I finally did two things I had to do ages ago. One thing turned out good, but another - even after tons of medicine I still have it.

Just catching up w/ my girls, coffee, sushi, burning marshmallows on candles, ice cream, cinema and going to watch my friend playing basketball.

Another obsession. My mom says that it's like drug for me, that I need that smell or something, but it's actually just my wish to look like a lady and show creativity on my nails.

So this is like most done things during those months I didn't blog. I will post my looks on separate post. Have a good day! :)
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