Friday, April 18, 2014

I wanna be yours, wanna be your hero

I know what I should have been posting more often, it's holidays after all, but I did everything, except laying in bed doing nothing. I start doing sports again - I never been really sports person, but for few last weeks I've been so exhausted... I knew something is wrong when I chose to drive bus instead of walking and then I lost my breath after walking fast. I know it's probably has something to do with my health, but since it's holidays, I started counting my sleep hours and sleeping 8 hours every night did it's job - I can do sports w/o more serious problems. Right now I can't walk properly and squawk everytime someone tries to hug me or just touch my waist, but I hope it's normal and you should feel that after what I'm doing...
Other than that, I've been meeting w/ friends, especially loved one afternoon I spend w/ my girls, we do meet from time to time, but I do miss them extremely. We used to go to school together, but after graduating we all chose different universities, so we don't see each other as much and catching up feels so good...
Well and last big thing I was doing was of course, uni work. After my holidays, next week, I have two tests, one kinda research paper, one kinda survey to make and homereading coming soon. It's complete death, I can't believe right now I'm sitting still not panicking. And even that, I'm driving to my summer house for Easter and I'll enjoy spring and chocolate eggs like university doesn't exists!
Also, I'm already planning my summer little by little and starting getting really really exited :))

For ending this post, here are some random shoots from last week:
^ Last week was my mommys bday and we had tiny surprise for her: lunch made by moi, fruit cake, fresh flowers and of course presents.

^ I went for a walk yesterday and tried out my new jacket. It wasn't what I was looking for, not sure if it's my style though :/
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  1. Nice pictures!
    I hope it goes well with the uni work! But first, remember to enjoy the Easter time :)


  2. I love these random photos, they make me feel Easter! :) I think this jacket suits you! Have nice Easter time. Kisses!

  3. Hey!! Lovely pictures!!!
    The food looks yummy!!!

    Thanks for the comment! Keep in touch!!!

  4. pretty pics :) hope you had a great easter weekend!
    the cake looks so yummi:))

    lots of love xx


Thank you :) xo

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