Saturday, March 29, 2014

Don't you know your secret safe with me

SORRY FOR THE MESSINESS OF THIS POST. I have terrible lack of sleepiness and bad mood (note to self: don't blog under these conditions).

I chose probably the worst time to announce about coming back to blogging... Last week was completely disaster - I had tests and research type of papers for every single day, sometimes even twice a day... I totally forgot what does good night sleep mean - I usually went to bed around 2 am and got up at 8 am. And right now - I'm not doing anything, I mean it's friday night after all, but instead of getting good rest I'm surfing on my slow internet... Anyway, I will just give a quick update and go to sleep, I promise!
Next week unfortunately doesn't seem any easier and week after next one too... But then I will have one free week, so I plan to update my blog more properly. I'm so sorry if I got anyone's hopes high, but right now I'm not even in mood for blogging, somehow the busier I am - the worse life seems...
Few pics of my last week:

^My phone background for some time to get me in more summerish mood. It did its work, I got not only to summerish, but also to festival mood. Too bad my plans to go to one of festivals this summer probably won't happen (but there are two good things about it, so maybe it's win win situation...)

^ My pre-test snacks. I don't buy chocolate myself, but my mom decided I need it, especially during time like this... Couldn't say no, especially because it's w/ caramelized salted almonds...

^ Getting ready selfie. Finally I said goodbye to my winter jacket and huge sweaters!

^ This is what I call champions' dinner haha. One of my resolutions this year was to eat more meat - I could go weeks, months without it, but now decided to change my eating habits. Will see how it will go... (In pic - chicken fillet, brown rice & green salad)

^ Morning w/ spongebob squarepants on TV. 

^ & finally spring weather! Yesterday I went out at evening and it was first day this year I wore my leather jacket for longer time and also my converse shoes. Feels great!

^ After lectures today me and my friend went for a walk and I also did some test shooting. It was sunny, but kinda cold, definitely worse than yesterday... But as long as it's sunny...

^ And to everyone's surprise there were actually 3 men who decided to take few swims. Don't worry, they were alive afterwards, but I'm pretty sure they will have pretty bad cold... 

I'm planning to do some posts about that I was doing when I was taking break from blog, would anyone be interested? :) And also, how was your week? :)
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