Sunday, October 13, 2013

I got my eyes on you

Hi hi hello! Last week was almost disaster... 3 tests, 2 group works (not to mention we're working w/ students from USA aka different time zones, different culture...) and personal life of course.... Well, with my friends help I've survived it (and I really hope I didn't failed any of tests :/ ). New week, new assignments starts tomorrow and me can't wait till holidays. I already started wishing for Christmas time to come :D

I found this weird outfit photo I haven't posted here... q
  • Sweater // Lindex
  • Jeans // Stradivarius

And few things I bought recently (+ big winter coat,I'm keeping it until winter outfits posts haha)

I knew I need new bag,but haven't got an idea how it should look. I found one I really like from Michael Kors and we even have it in store here,but I'm still not sure if I want to spend thousands on things like bags. I mean maybe it would be for more than one season etc,but I get bored really fast of same things. And I can't buy a bag worth nearly 2 thousands just for one season. This one costed less than thousand and looks just as great :)

q q
& finally I've found perfect wallet for me... Maybe just little bit too small for all my cards...nevermind

Any thoughts? :)
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