Sunday, September 08, 2013

Summer trip photo diary

Sorry for lack of posts! September so far seems as pretty busy month,I almost wasn't at home,so many things to do! This weekend seems little bit less busy,even though way more stressful :/ To take off my mind,I decided to finally post about my summer trip,which actually was spontaneous and extremely tiring... Shortly about my last week: I ended summer visiting my friend at work (so much fun,especially meeting new people),spent weekend at countryside w/ relatives,caught up w/ my girls after long time no see,had amazing night out w/ other friends,met a lot new people and started new school year,which seems a lot harder than first one. Tomorrow I have a day off,time to start work on projects.
But now,time for photos to speak. I don't know what to tell about the trip,so I'll just add something under the photos :)

We started our road trip by visiting Germany. It was my first time there so I was super excited :) 
^^Almost there!!
We went to some fragrance factory or smth,I don't know how to call it :D left some money there....
^ It was the first time I'm in Paris,so I tried to see as much as I can which equals not enough sleep (even though in this photo I look pretty normal haha). The longest sleep I've had was 5 hours maybe and we even ended up drinking wine (it was 6 more people w/ me I know,amazing company) so you should have hears how we talked that night :D tiredness and alcohol definitely make the best conversations :D
^ I also saw Mona Lisa! Don't know why people are so crazy about it though :D
^Wondering through Paris streets and first health problems. 
^ Eiffel tower is way more beautiful at evening,imo
^ one of best hotels I have slept in (in my life time I've been in about 12 hotels or so),two floors,kitchen,it seemed like a place I would like to live in haha
^super tired,with huge pain in legs (had like three open wounds on my feet),but still happy :)
^last day at France,spending time near the ocean. First time I was swimming in ocean,even though it was so so freezing! Got cold the next day :(
^trying sea food for the first time in my life. Probably last time too :D
^ the reason I'll never look at snails the same again :D
^probably tastiest thing we tried there - mussels. The thing is that I haven't ate fish for about 10 years now and entire sea food....definitely not for me. Trying once is okay,since yolo haha
^ this is probably second best :D one night we reached hotel at 3am and had to wake up at 7am,but it was our last day,so we ended up celebrating w/ wine (again :D ). It was miracle I find my hotel room w/o any serious injuries :D
^ too much new stores,not enough time. We spent like hour at Belgium,definitely not enough for me to shop :(

To sum up the entire trip,definitely not enough time. I would like to have 9 more days for sure :D Hopefully some day :)

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  1. Beautiful photos! Eiffel tower at evening is stunning, honestly I will never try snails, everything else but not snails :D



Thank you :) xo

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