Saturday, August 03, 2013

Happiness comes in a box


I always thought that things can't make you happy,but when you want something for so long and finally get it... It def made me a little happier :) And even made me to dedicate whole post for it haha
I wanted some rose gold/gold watch for some time,but when I bought white one,I thought why should I buy new one,especially for high price (the one I wanted costs about 217EUR)... But finding something cheaper was def a sign to buy it. It came just few days ago,so I can't tell if it was worth it,but I really hope it was.
Also,it was hard decision between rose gold and just simply gold,after relying on my friends I chose rose gold.
What do you think? :)

p.s Patys didžiausi ačiū Deimantei, Gabrielei ir Gretai. Jeigu ne jūs, šitas mažytis džiaugsmelis nebūtų ant mano rankos :))) (tikiu, kad bent dvi iš jūsų skaitot :D )
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  1. I've got one too! I think it's great an I love it!!!

    grettings from Warsaw


Thank you :) xo

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