Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer shopping pt.2

Here are some other things I've bought lately. I still have few things in my craves list and I'm still staying at the city so maybe maybe I'll buy it soon too haha (if I'll be lucky enough to find them here)

Long pink skirt. It was really hard to find a perfect one,because almost all of them are too short for me.

Dark blue denim shorts from House. It was actually first time I bought something from that store,will see if it was worth it.

Perfect coral color nail polish from Maybelline (looks amazing on nails,my favorite for sure) and random glitter polish.

And for the ending my outfit from one not so warm summer day. (sorry for quality,it was taken w/ phone :( )


  • Denim shirt // Reserved
  • Pants // Lindex
  • Bag // Lindex
  • Sandals // Lorenzo

Can't believe it's almost the middle of summer :o Time really flies! And also today's Wimbledon men's singles final,can't wait!

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  1. House will be worth it, my fav jeans ar from there (;

  2. Great shorts!:)



Thank you :) xo

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