Thursday, July 25, 2013

The first won't happen twice

^This is how my yesterday's evening looked like. I went shopping in the morning and ended the day by eating caesar salad and drinking red wine. We also planned something,but I don't want to tell,not yet,but soon you'll find out:)
Here's some of things I bought:

Perfect black sweater I wanted for some time (from Vero Moda)

Went searching for black big round sunglasses - ended up with these. Close enough,right? And one of my mottos is there's never enough sunglasses; I broke at least ones every year ://

And I thought I have enough nail polishes.... But this looks so perfect! (p.s don't worry,I cut my nails right after I took those photos,they were waaay too long)

Travel size hairspray (the only one I could find,it's rare thing or something?). For special reasons :))

And for ending this post... I always complained how we don't have pistachio ice cream which I like a lot...apparently,we do!

And for the real ending.... I want to share album I've been obsessed for past weeks. Can't stop listening,I love every single song!

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Last week's randoms

Few random pics from last week (or more than week,oops)

  • Dress // Stradivarius
  • Shoes // Lorenzo
Probably my favorite food haha
Organizing my shoes
Watching Wimbledon final. So sad Djokovic lost :(
Perf outfit for cold summer evening in my point of view
  • Sweater // Vero Moda
  • Shorts // House
Sweet cherries,yum!
My nails done by myself. This one I call fading sparkling french manicure haha. Kinda New Years look though
Love lilies,hate the smell. It was okay the first few hours,but later all it reminded me was funeral :(
One of the tastiest ice cream - vanilla almond,yum!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

We can run on love for a while

Yesterday I met Gabrielė at city old town, it was so good to catch up and talk about everything and nothing.. We also tried this new frozen yogurt place (at least it's new for me,I've never been there before). I'm a big fan of frozen yogurt, I usually make it myself, but this was really tasty too! Especially those tiny marshmallows :)

Later we went to grab some coffee or something,because yogurt wasn't enough haha. I tried mango smoothie which taste a little bit like nothing :D Maybe something is wrong with my taste receptors? Lately a lot of things seems without taste :/ (except Gabrielė's coffee. It tasted like really REALLY strong coffee :D )

And at the evening I went for a walk (I do this a lot lately,mostly because of my health,but it's really good for a good sleep) and had these outfit photos taken. It was little bit cold and I wanted to wear something cozy,so here it is :)
  • Cardigan // Vero Moda
  • Shorts // House

And I also watched newest episode of Teen Wolf, so scary and sad at the same time!
Do you guys watch it? What do you think about last episode? :)

Monday, July 08, 2013

We become so numb to what we're saying


  • Denim shirt // Reserved
  • Shorts // Vero Moda
  • Clutch // Mom's old one
Do you ever get this weird feeling when you remember some old cloth piece or shoes you used to have,but somehow forget them and never wore again? This happened to me this morning while dressing up. I can't leave house without bag,especially if I have no pockets. And today I stood in front of the mirror thinking what kind of bag would look fine with this outfit. And all I could imagine was big black clutch,which I don't have (yet). And when suddenly I remembered that my mom used to have this dark purple clutch she used to take to theater or opera and I searched all closets,because I knew it has to be somewhere! And this is how I found this bag I'm having with me in this photo. It's my mom's too,it's another opera clutch I believe,but with less childhood memories from me haha. p.s. I did found purple one too :)

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Summer shopping pt.2

Here are some other things I've bought lately. I still have few things in my craves list and I'm still staying at the city so maybe maybe I'll buy it soon too haha (if I'll be lucky enough to find them here)

Long pink skirt. It was really hard to find a perfect one,because almost all of them are too short for me.

Dark blue denim shorts from House. It was actually first time I bought something from that store,will see if it was worth it.

Perfect coral color nail polish from Maybelline (looks amazing on nails,my favorite for sure) and random glitter polish.

And for the ending my outfit from one not so warm summer day. (sorry for quality,it was taken w/ phone :( )


  • Denim shirt // Reserved
  • Pants // Lindex
  • Bag // Lindex
  • Sandals // Lorenzo

Can't believe it's almost the middle of summer :o Time really flies! And also today's Wimbledon men's singles final,can't wait!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

Summer shopping pt. 1

Everyday dress from Seppälä. If you know me you may know what I'm not big fan of skirts or dresses (except long ones),but decided it's time to change.

Necklace from Reserved. Yeees,I don't wear those kind of things...but this was so cute I had to have it!

Denim shirt from Reserved. Must have for summer!

I actually bought them few months ago...but never mentioned here. Life savers for sure!

Aaand I've never been big fan of Maybelline mascaras...but my friend said she has been using this for months and I loved the way her lashes looks like...

Monday, July 01, 2013

When you're ready come and get it

Jacket // Lindex
Shirt // Zara
Pants // Lindex

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