Wednesday, June 26, 2013

In the beginning, I never thought it would be you

My summer holidays had finally started!! I'm done with this year of uni,I've passed all my exams and now I can finally rest. I thought about writing long post about all this school year,since it was first year of university,but I think I'll keep it to myself :) In conclusion,this was hard,but good year,I've learnt a lot of things and met a lot of new people. I just wish next year I'll finally make myself learn harder and stop procrastinate haha

And here's some things I'm looking forward:

PicMonkey Collagep

Road trips, tanning all day long, summer tv shows (Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf!), swimming, picnics, late nights at beach w/ friends, long walks, reading, partying, Eurobasket 2013, camping, traveling and just having fun! 

And here's also playlist I update from time to time with my summerish music :)
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