Thursday, September 13, 2012

You can take my heart like a criminal

Wow,I thought it's been ages since last post,even though it's just 10 days... I was super busy + lack of sleep and no time for myself... Hopefully weekend will come fast enough.
Actually there is nothing new... Just few things which made my wallet thinner hah.

Guess what's my favorite color this fall haha. Anyway.
New brownish color nail lacquer. Color turned out a little bit too dark than I wanted,so don't know if I gonna use this a lot. Plus,since I wash my hands 10 times a day,wash my hair everyday and just do all normal things which include putting my nails in didn't last long. 2-3days I believe. :(
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I finished my last foundation before summer started and didn't buy a new one,cuz really wanted to have clean-no-powder/foundation summer. I'm big fan of foundations,they work way better than powder for me (and I'm talking about liquid powders,they don't really cover my imperfections (hah)) and I decided to try this one.
And ManhattanWater flash lipgloss. I love nude color on lips and this one works perfectly! Even though I'm not big fan of lipglosses (wind+long hair...not so good combination) this one is my favorite so far. Not too sticky or wet and smell good!
I was looking for this kind of blouse for ages. The moment I found it - had to buy it. I regret a bit,cuz it was way too expensive and the weather is too cold for me to wear it,but....yolo.

And thing I'm excited the most

my baby <3
Even though in my apartment there are 3 computers already, none of them was actually mine and mine only. Recently I was using laptop,which actually belongs to my mom as her work computer,I just borrowed it,cause she wasn't really using it. But right now I thought that I need computer which gonna be mine only.
I know I have talked thousand times about buying Macbook and I indeed was thinking about it. Yes,I would have spend so much money for that,but there was few things which made my decision. I have worked w/ Macbook Pro before (my friend own it) and it was a mess. I'm so used to Windows,that I couldn't realise how to do everything. Plus,at school we are working w/ Windows word,excel etc programs,so I would have to use other computer for my school work when one of the main reasons of buying this was for school work (p.s I call University - school,it sounds better,I don't know if it really matters and how it is called in other countries; right now I'm attending uni,but calling it school). Other thing was that glossy (?) screen. I know,photos may look way better through it than matte one,but working w/ computer in the midday w/ full sunlight... Sucks. Been there,done that. No. So I found this computer and I'm happy so far. It was hard to move from one computer to another,so much stuff to do,but it was definitely worth it!
p.s new computer doesn't mean more blog post,unfortunately. New camera would mean that,but since I just bought computer,I guess I'll have to wait for it....and save money.
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