Thursday, August 30, 2012

I used to think, that we, were forever ever ever

Few days ago me and my girls went out cause one of us leaves the city. New school year starts extremely soon,only one and half of day left :(
Day before yesterday I went for big meeting of my new university faculty. Where was 151 people,I've met my coursemates,we talked... It was good meet them before school starts,but still if you follow me on twitter you probably know my opinion haha. To sum up,everything is okay,4 more years. (funny thing is that I'm going to study w/ two of my classmates(it's actually one of my classmates and other from different class,but we got few classes together,we know each other(after one celebration - really good haha),they got into same thing as me,just different groups. Good to know at least somebody!)
Can't believe it's September so soon! :( I want summer back!

few photos from past days
eating sushi w/ my girls...feeling sick for entire day. Where's few things - I'm not a big fan of sushi. Like 3 rolls are enough. And this was waaay too much for me. Never again
My wildberries smoothie and Gabrielė's latte w/ strawberries (not sure if latte,guess so). I'm big fan of smoothies (you prob already know that haha),but after dealing w/ sore throat it wasn't good decision either.. So decided to drink something hot afterward
Same taste smoothie,milkshake (prob) and caramel mocchiato I decided to try. Okay,I'm the pickiest of entire world. I don't drink coffee. This tasted good. But I couldn't fall asleep entire night and felt sick :( What's wrong w/ me?

Now I have to go through all of my closet cause I don't know what to wear for school starts :/ any tips?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Here's few things I bought few days ago

Dark jeans from Mango. I'm kinda addicted to jeans,I have tons of them,but none of them (dark ones I mean) fit me anymore. I tried them all few days ago and they all baggy,too big,just don't fit the way they should. So I decided to buy new ones and I was so happy I found these! Perfect size,perfect form (slim).
Shirt from Zara. Already tried it (look below),comfy and nice! Especially love the color!
Simple shirt from Zara.
Especially love its fabric,it's say 100% linen,perfect for hot summer days!

And my yesterday's outfit
(photo was taken w/ phone and my fake smile,that's why it looks kinda weird)
Jacket Lindex Shirt Zara Jeans Lindex Sandals Lorenzo/Danija Bag Pieces

And since it's last summer weekend... Spending it by watching the rain and eating sweets

p.s If there's anything you want me to write about or anything you want me to take photo of (like some cloth(closer look) or anything at my apartment) don't be afraid and ask (anon is on) down in comments or write me an email letter! I gladly do it! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

You could buy up all of the stars,but it wouldn’t change who you are

Last week I had amazing picnic with my girls near Kauno marios, we played board games, ate Doritos, watermelon, drank alcohol and not, talked, laughed, just literally had great time. We probably won't meet till September or smth, so I really gonna miss them. Other bad thing is that my new group mates are planing meeting next week,but I probably won't be able to attend :( I really wish I could, they all look like really nice and outgoing persons, and since we all don't know each other that would be great opportunity before school year starts. Can't believe it's august already :(

Few photos from picnic!

Second location. Perfect for photoshoots in my "photographer" eyes hahaha
yum pt. 2! haha

p.s about previous post - Lithuania native girl Rūta Meilutytė won gold at swimming in Olympics! And she's only 15! What I was doing when I was 15? Can't really remember,but definitely something boring haha
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