Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blinded by the lights, and it's something not great

Yesterday I did two big things (I was little scared about one,so glad it's over),but huge enormous thing is left. Ahhh,starting getting nervous.. Plus summer is going to the end. Seriously? Time is running so fast I can't catch!

Anyway,I love sales! Even though right now I'm trying to save money (literally,I won't buy anything (well,guess what,tomorrow I'll probably spend tons of money ahh) until I save enough money for one big thing) saw this jacket, price was 60% off so why not buy?

Bad thing is that find a perfect size during sales is impossible. Jacket is too big for me. Buut,bought it anyway. I guess I'll start to sale my clothes,I always buy too big clothes just because I want them,they're not really expensive and there's no smaller size.. And later I regret. How can I lost this habit??

Aaand in case you've wondered how I look without make up
PicMonkey Collage66
Like this. I try not to use any make up during summer,my little beauty secret,I'm not using much of it during school time either,but when it's hot and sunny and you go tanning or swimming..make up is the last thing needed.
Anyway,this is my today's outfit. And jacket wasn't really needed. Tried something different,not really my casual style haha. Did it work? :)
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