Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ombre hair

I haven't got any new hairstyle in more than years. I cut my hair short last spring and it grew up by now,but all I have now is long straight hair. I used to experiment with my hair a lot,like cutting them short,growing back,cutting full bangs,cutting one side bangs,curling,straightening,but I've never ever dyed my hair. There are few reasons for that. I like my hair colour. Sometimes I wish I was blond,but I don't think it would really suit me. Plus my hair is too dark to dye it blond and I'm afraid I'm going to ruin them. That's actually second reason why I've never dyed my hair. My hair is just healthy and strong enough and I just try to do everything I can so that it would stay like that. Buut,I really want to try dip dyeing(or it should be tip dyeing?). I wanted to dye my tips pink for few months now,but I just think I'm little bit too old for that.
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Buut,I'm not gonna lie. I'm thinking about doing this after last exam when real summer starts. All I need is pink chalks.

Anyway,few weeks ago I started to think about hair dying thing called ombre. It wouldn't ruin my hair extremely,because it's only applied to hair tips. And my current hair colour should be perfect for it. But I'm still not sure. Thoughts?
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  1. Do the blonde ombre :)

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Thank you :) xo

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