Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And I just ran out of band aids

Today was one of the easier days of the week,even though I still had school and I have wrote the last math test in school ever. Feels kinda weird,especially after video 3 graders showed us (they are preparing Last Bell celebration for graduates and today during break they invited us and showed video and some photos). I just still can't live up with the fact that I'm graduating and especially after watching Glee season finale today (:D I mean I thought I'm going to cry entire episode,but somehow I only shed few tears at the ending,I mean my shipper's heart + amazing Lea Michele's acting). Anyway,I had my first big exam this Saturday,I can't wait to know the results,even thought I think I sucked. I mean you never know,but I wasn't at my best,for sure.
Anyway,the thing why I wanted to write this post is to show you guys my today's dinner. It's been ages since I was cooking something new for dinner and I thought today would be a perfect day for it.
Specially thanks to Marianna and Greta!

Sorry for bad quality of photos,they were taken with phone.

Ingredients needed: Pasta, mozzarella and feta cheese, cream, zucchini, leek, smoked salmon fillet, olive oil, pepper, garlic salt.
Making: Cook the pasta. Pour a little bit olive oil to a frying pan and add the sliced zucchini and leek. Add spices. Start layering the things on a platter.
First - pasta.
Then - vegetables.
After that - salmon.
And finally cheese and cream.
Put a platter to heated oven to 200 degrees for about 15-20mins.

Aaaand - done!
Mine burned up a bit,but I liked it even more haha.

p.s after having English exam I thought I should say bye to English language,because I am literally speaking English everywhere,like with myself,thinking in English and writing and main reason I started writing blog in English was to practise more and I thought maybe I should get back to write in my native language,but I watched my statistics and I saw that there are a lot of not Lithuanian readers so I'll keep writing in English as much as possible. I guess.
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