Friday, April 13, 2012

You make me feel like I can live another day

Last days of spring break were quite good : good weather (finally! Even though it was raining all day today,I'm happy it's not snowing), lots of sleeping (not that much maybe,but enough), being outside, playing piano and just not thinking about anything.

^Weather of last day of spring break (I believe). Hopefully this will be back asap!

And of course,all good things come to an end. School started again and now there is one thing in my mind - exams. I just can't wait till everything will be over,because everyday it haunts me and I just can't relieve this stress. Well,thank you boxing,yoga and singing.


Today I was planing to end up my day by watching new season episode of ABDC,but I can't find that episode! Day end completely ruined... Hopefully it'll be added soon,cuz I was so excited about new season and now....

^little treats left from Easter. Just thing,that I completely stopped eating things like that month ago (and I'm doing quite good haha,bikini/summer body here I come),but I guess I'll keep them for bad times haha

&& new music in my playlist!

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  1. Kaip norėčiau tų visų saldainių ir šokoladų dabar!!

    1. Aš irgi! :D Kaip gaila,kad po 8h nė lašo maisto nevalgau :(

    2. Nežinau...negi tie nevalgymai po 18h, po 20h ir t.t ir panašiai padeda? :/

    3. Mėnesį nevalgau po 8h,tai svoris nekrenta,bet ir neauga. Šiaip iš tikrųjų darau tai netik dėl svorio metimo,bet ir dėl sveikatos,nes reikia nevalgyt likus 3h iki miego,o aš kaip tik tuo metu prisikirst buvau įpratus. Norisi pakeist gyvenimo būdą :)

    4. Na aišku ;)
      Tad linkiu sėkmės ir ryžto ;)

    5. Ačiū labai!:) sunku pradžioj buvo,bet manau,kad jau imu įprasti :)


Thank you :) xo

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