Friday, April 13, 2012

You make me feel like I can live another day

Last days of spring break were quite good : good weather (finally! Even though it was raining all day today,I'm happy it's not snowing), lots of sleeping (not that much maybe,but enough), being outside, playing piano and just not thinking about anything.

^Weather of last day of spring break (I believe). Hopefully this will be back asap!

And of course,all good things come to an end. School started again and now there is one thing in my mind - exams. I just can't wait till everything will be over,because everyday it haunts me and I just can't relieve this stress. Well,thank you boxing,yoga and singing.


Today I was planing to end up my day by watching new season episode of ABDC,but I can't find that episode! Day end completely ruined... Hopefully it'll be added soon,cuz I was so excited about new season and now....

^little treats left from Easter. Just thing,that I completely stopped eating things like that month ago (and I'm doing quite good haha,bikini/summer body here I come),but I guess I'll keep them for bad times haha

&& new music in my playlist!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

But you didn't have to cut me off

Sunday started really early. I went to bed at 2am and got to get up at 9am,cause I was planning to go to church with my fam before Easter breakfast. I can't believe that I actually managed to do that! After mass I went home and had late Easter breakfast with my fam and other relatives,too bad my two closest cousins weren't with us,one's wife is about to give birth and other was busy and now I'll probably have to wait till summer until I could see them again.(Yes,I can't believe I soon will be kinda aunt again(not first time,5th actually,I'm youngest from my cousins,but still). Those cousins are closest to me,I grew up with them and now it's so weird knowing that they both soon will be parents (other's wife is pregnant too)I'm sure they gonna be amazing parents:) )
If talking about Easter,one of my favorite things about it is chocolate eggs :D I'm not big fan of real eggs so chocolate ones are more preferable haha And even though I'm 18 years old,I enjoy not only them but toys in them too haha I'm still child and I'm not ashamed!
^So hipster! haha

And my outfit which I came up with while making food :D It's not worth planing days ago

Blouse: Vero Moda
Shorts: Takko Fashion
Jacket: School's uniform

Plus my new favorite accessory and my nails right now
Bright springish colors!

How was your Easter day?:)
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