Sunday, December 23, 2012

Don't dream it's over // 1st beauty review!

I wanted to write some beauty product review and I think I found a perfect product for that.

My facial skin is all typed one. It's oily,dry,sensitive,just all types in one. If you have skin like that you should know how hard it is to find a perfect face cream. I have tried tons of creams,but couldn't find the perfect one,I started using one,but got allergy the other day,other makes my face too greasy and other drains it too much.... Since it's winter time (and winter in my country is damn cold) I need good protector. And I think I can tell I finally found one.

If you read my blog long enough you should know that I'm a big fan of Nivea products. Truth is,I am. Their make up removers are the best and I honestly think that face creams are the best too. Few weeks ago I bought this cream hoping that it will be good. I was a little bit afraid,since it's for dry skin and mine are mixed one,but I needed to try it out. And I'm glad I did!

Texture and smell are perfect too!

And it really does make my skin healthy looking haha. The only thing is not to apply too much. It's a little bit too greasy and if you overdose it makes skin shiny. But if you apply not too much - it works perfectly.
If you have dry skin I highly recommend it for cold winter time!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

What's in my bag?


Work calendar; driving rules book; my art/ideas book of my drawings and quotes etc; wallet; cosmetic bag; phone; earphones; tissues; keys; pocket mirror and hair comb; chewing gum; two mini chocolates.

Wallet goodies
ID card; student card; two bank cards; two discount cards for supermarkets; bus card; library card.

Cosmetic bag goodies
Compact powder; mascara; antibacterial gel; lips vaseline; current nail polish; eyebrows pencil; hands cream; mini scissors; nail file; rubber band; bobby pins.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

You can take my heart like a criminal

Wow,I thought it's been ages since last post,even though it's just 10 days... I was super busy + lack of sleep and no time for myself... Hopefully weekend will come fast enough.
Actually there is nothing new... Just few things which made my wallet thinner hah.

Guess what's my favorite color this fall haha. Anyway.
New brownish color nail lacquer. Color turned out a little bit too dark than I wanted,so don't know if I gonna use this a lot. Plus,since I wash my hands 10 times a day,wash my hair everyday and just do all normal things which include putting my nails in didn't last long. 2-3days I believe. :(
Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I finished my last foundation before summer started and didn't buy a new one,cuz really wanted to have clean-no-powder/foundation summer. I'm big fan of foundations,they work way better than powder for me (and I'm talking about liquid powders,they don't really cover my imperfections (hah)) and I decided to try this one.
And ManhattanWater flash lipgloss. I love nude color on lips and this one works perfectly! Even though I'm not big fan of lipglosses (wind+long hair...not so good combination) this one is my favorite so far. Not too sticky or wet and smell good!
I was looking for this kind of blouse for ages. The moment I found it - had to buy it. I regret a bit,cuz it was way too expensive and the weather is too cold for me to wear it,but....yolo.

And thing I'm excited the most

my baby <3
Even though in my apartment there are 3 computers already, none of them was actually mine and mine only. Recently I was using laptop,which actually belongs to my mom as her work computer,I just borrowed it,cause she wasn't really using it. But right now I thought that I need computer which gonna be mine only.
I know I have talked thousand times about buying Macbook and I indeed was thinking about it. Yes,I would have spend so much money for that,but there was few things which made my decision. I have worked w/ Macbook Pro before (my friend own it) and it was a mess. I'm so used to Windows,that I couldn't realise how to do everything. Plus,at school we are working w/ Windows word,excel etc programs,so I would have to use other computer for my school work when one of the main reasons of buying this was for school work (p.s I call University - school,it sounds better,I don't know if it really matters and how it is called in other countries; right now I'm attending uni,but calling it school). Other thing was that glossy (?) screen. I know,photos may look way better through it than matte one,but working w/ computer in the midday w/ full sunlight... Sucks. Been there,done that. No. So I found this computer and I'm happy so far. It was hard to move from one computer to another,so much stuff to do,but it was definitely worth it!
p.s new computer doesn't mean more blog post,unfortunately. New camera would mean that,but since I just bought computer,I guess I'll have to wait for it....and save money.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Summer memories//Italy photo diary

I know I should have posted this before,but I had about 2000 photos and few videos and I was so busy to watch them :/ Or I didn't want to,because I miss Italy..
Anyway,here are few photos from my summer trip in Italy. I had amazing time there and I recommend you to visit Italy for sightseeing (not so for pleasure,laying in the beach etc,sea is not deep enough for swimming and lakes are too :) )

It was my 3rd time in Czech Republic,but first time in this hotel. I had to take pic of this hall! I looks like hall in Inception,remembered that the moment I step in haha. Spent evening siting on the ground here trying to find wifi,just wanted to check how my friends are doing! :)
My bed in hotel room. Still in Czech Republic. You should have seen my parents room,too bad I didn't take pics there,it was so luxury! Luxury print walls and curtains,big armchairs... I guess this is what you get when you live in double room haha
My camera couldn't capture it the way it was,but it was amazing. I'm night lights person,I can stare at lights during night time until the sunrise,I adore them...and finding this? It was small restaurant outside w/ live music and wedding at the moment :)
On the way :)
View from hotel balcony in Italy. We lived in main street,not so good for mornings...
(other things about hotel - food. Which was tasty,but waaaay too much. Breakfast was optional,you could choose what to eat,I usually ate toast w/ nutella and drank cup of tea and juice(I don't need big breakfast,but there was lots of things you could choose from for example eggs,meat,cheese,different breads,buns etc). But dinner (which was late,8pm) was huge. First course was vegetables/salad (optional,you could choose from vegetables and sauces),second course was pasta w/ different cheese,sauces,third course was something from meat (usually steak) w/ stewed vegetables or potatoes (most of the time I hadn't ate it) and fourth course aka desert (ice cream or fruits or pudding). While we were visiting Venice we went to local restaurant to try pizza (which was tasty),but thinking about that is waiting for me... Thank God I lose weight I gain fast haha)
blogPicMonkey Collage
Best thing in Italy haha :D
Loved this Prada bag....
...and Escada shoes!
Verona heaven! Was so tasty (except melons :///)
Going to the lake. Big disappointment since it wasn't the way I expected ://
Eating real Italian gelato! Mine was pistachio,yum!
Spending only one day at beach :( but entire day! Also,I got my exams results here,it was good day to run away haha
And drinking slushies the last day in Italy! Mine was coke flavor yum yum

More sightseeing pics and mine face pics are in my facebook and I probably won't post them here... If I know you and you want to see them,message me!

p.s if you see any grammar mistakes,please message me,I'll correct them! So much to say,I'm pretty sure I did tons of mistakes :(

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I used to think, that we, were forever ever ever

Few days ago me and my girls went out cause one of us leaves the city. New school year starts extremely soon,only one and half of day left :(
Day before yesterday I went for big meeting of my new university faculty. Where was 151 people,I've met my coursemates,we talked... It was good meet them before school starts,but still if you follow me on twitter you probably know my opinion haha. To sum up,everything is okay,4 more years. (funny thing is that I'm going to study w/ two of my classmates(it's actually one of my classmates and other from different class,but we got few classes together,we know each other(after one celebration - really good haha),they got into same thing as me,just different groups. Good to know at least somebody!)
Can't believe it's September so soon! :( I want summer back!

few photos from past days
eating sushi w/ my girls...feeling sick for entire day. Where's few things - I'm not a big fan of sushi. Like 3 rolls are enough. And this was waaay too much for me. Never again
My wildberries smoothie and Gabrielė's latte w/ strawberries (not sure if latte,guess so). I'm big fan of smoothies (you prob already know that haha),but after dealing w/ sore throat it wasn't good decision either.. So decided to drink something hot afterward
Same taste smoothie,milkshake (prob) and caramel mocchiato I decided to try. Okay,I'm the pickiest of entire world. I don't drink coffee. This tasted good. But I couldn't fall asleep entire night and felt sick :( What's wrong w/ me?

Now I have to go through all of my closet cause I don't know what to wear for school starts :/ any tips?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

You can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare

Here's few things I bought few days ago

Dark jeans from Mango. I'm kinda addicted to jeans,I have tons of them,but none of them (dark ones I mean) fit me anymore. I tried them all few days ago and they all baggy,too big,just don't fit the way they should. So I decided to buy new ones and I was so happy I found these! Perfect size,perfect form (slim).
Shirt from Zara. Already tried it (look below),comfy and nice! Especially love the color!
Simple shirt from Zara.
Especially love its fabric,it's say 100% linen,perfect for hot summer days!

And my yesterday's outfit
(photo was taken w/ phone and my fake smile,that's why it looks kinda weird)
Jacket Lindex Shirt Zara Jeans Lindex Sandals Lorenzo/Danija Bag Pieces

And since it's last summer weekend... Spending it by watching the rain and eating sweets

p.s If there's anything you want me to write about or anything you want me to take photo of (like some cloth(closer look) or anything at my apartment) don't be afraid and ask (anon is on) down in comments or write me an email letter! I gladly do it! :)

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

You could buy up all of the stars,but it wouldn’t change who you are

Last week I had amazing picnic with my girls near Kauno marios, we played board games, ate Doritos, watermelon, drank alcohol and not, talked, laughed, just literally had great time. We probably won't meet till September or smth, so I really gonna miss them. Other bad thing is that my new group mates are planing meeting next week,but I probably won't be able to attend :( I really wish I could, they all look like really nice and outgoing persons, and since we all don't know each other that would be great opportunity before school year starts. Can't believe it's august already :(

Few photos from picnic!

Second location. Perfect for photoshoots in my "photographer" eyes hahaha
yum pt. 2! haha

p.s about previous post - Lithuania native girl Rūta Meilutytė won gold at swimming in Olympics! And she's only 15! What I was doing when I was 15? Can't really remember,but definitely something boring haha

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Blinded by the lights, and it's something not great

Yesterday I did two big things (I was little scared about one,so glad it's over),but huge enormous thing is left. Ahhh,starting getting nervous.. Plus summer is going to the end. Seriously? Time is running so fast I can't catch!

Anyway,I love sales! Even though right now I'm trying to save money (literally,I won't buy anything (well,guess what,tomorrow I'll probably spend tons of money ahh) until I save enough money for one big thing) saw this jacket, price was 60% off so why not buy?

Bad thing is that find a perfect size during sales is impossible. Jacket is too big for me. Buut,bought it anyway. I guess I'll start to sale my clothes,I always buy too big clothes just because I want them,they're not really expensive and there's no smaller size.. And later I regret. How can I lost this habit??

Aaand in case you've wondered how I look without make up
PicMonkey Collage66
Like this. I try not to use any make up during summer,my little beauty secret,I'm not using much of it during school time either,but when it's hot and sunny and you go tanning or swimming..make up is the last thing needed.
Anyway,this is my today's outfit. And jacket wasn't really needed. Tried something different,not really my casual style haha. Did it work? :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Can we just for a night let the stars decide where we belong

PicMonkey Collagepppp
Any tips what to see/do/buy/try? :) Share anything!

Saturday, June 02, 2012

Ombre hair

I haven't got any new hairstyle in more than years. I cut my hair short last spring and it grew up by now,but all I have now is long straight hair. I used to experiment with my hair a lot,like cutting them short,growing back,cutting full bangs,cutting one side bangs,curling,straightening,but I've never ever dyed my hair. There are few reasons for that. I like my hair colour. Sometimes I wish I was blond,but I don't think it would really suit me. Plus my hair is too dark to dye it blond and I'm afraid I'm going to ruin them. That's actually second reason why I've never dyed my hair. My hair is just healthy and strong enough and I just try to do everything I can so that it would stay like that. Buut,I really want to try dip dyeing(or it should be tip dyeing?). I wanted to dye my tips pink for few months now,but I just think I'm little bit too old for that.
PicMonkey Collage2
Buut,I'm not gonna lie. I'm thinking about doing this after last exam when real summer starts. All I need is pink chalks.

Anyway,few weeks ago I started to think about hair dying thing called ombre. It wouldn't ruin my hair extremely,because it's only applied to hair tips. And my current hair colour should be perfect for it. But I'm still not sure. Thoughts?
PicMonkey Collage

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

And I just ran out of band aids

Today was one of the easier days of the week,even though I still had school and I have wrote the last math test in school ever. Feels kinda weird,especially after video 3 graders showed us (they are preparing Last Bell celebration for graduates and today during break they invited us and showed video and some photos). I just still can't live up with the fact that I'm graduating and especially after watching Glee season finale today (:D I mean I thought I'm going to cry entire episode,but somehow I only shed few tears at the ending,I mean my shipper's heart + amazing Lea Michele's acting). Anyway,I had my first big exam this Saturday,I can't wait to know the results,even thought I think I sucked. I mean you never know,but I wasn't at my best,for sure.
Anyway,the thing why I wanted to write this post is to show you guys my today's dinner. It's been ages since I was cooking something new for dinner and I thought today would be a perfect day for it.
Specially thanks to Marianna and Greta!

Sorry for bad quality of photos,they were taken with phone.

Ingredients needed: Pasta, mozzarella and feta cheese, cream, zucchini, leek, smoked salmon fillet, olive oil, pepper, garlic salt.
Making: Cook the pasta. Pour a little bit olive oil to a frying pan and add the sliced zucchini and leek. Add spices. Start layering the things on a platter.
First - pasta.
Then - vegetables.
After that - salmon.
And finally cheese and cream.
Put a platter to heated oven to 200 degrees for about 15-20mins.

Aaaand - done!
Mine burned up a bit,but I liked it even more haha.

p.s after having English exam I thought I should say bye to English language,because I am literally speaking English everywhere,like with myself,thinking in English and writing and main reason I started writing blog in English was to practise more and I thought maybe I should get back to write in my native language,but I watched my statistics and I saw that there are a lot of not Lithuanian readers so I'll keep writing in English as much as possible. I guess.

Friday, April 13, 2012

You make me feel like I can live another day

Last days of spring break were quite good : good weather (finally! Even though it was raining all day today,I'm happy it's not snowing), lots of sleeping (not that much maybe,but enough), being outside, playing piano and just not thinking about anything.

^Weather of last day of spring break (I believe). Hopefully this will be back asap!

And of course,all good things come to an end. School started again and now there is one thing in my mind - exams. I just can't wait till everything will be over,because everyday it haunts me and I just can't relieve this stress. Well,thank you boxing,yoga and singing.


Today I was planing to end up my day by watching new season episode of ABDC,but I can't find that episode! Day end completely ruined... Hopefully it'll be added soon,cuz I was so excited about new season and now....

^little treats left from Easter. Just thing,that I completely stopped eating things like that month ago (and I'm doing quite good haha,bikini/summer body here I come),but I guess I'll keep them for bad times haha

&& new music in my playlist!

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