october memories

4:31 PM

Two beautiful views from kind of towers (I'm not sure how they're called in english).

It was beautiful autumn, what can I say.. // Trying to film a video. Well, as you haven't see it yet, you might know, it didn't turn out well

Pretty fluffy little one ♥ // This is what happens when I'm not sure if I want pickles or pineapple. Well, both were tasty

First snow, well not really can be seen // Trying vitamin water in cranberries taste. Wasn't as good as expected

Few shots from the hike I've went to. I've walked 28 km in a day, forest walk - hills, rivers, all that kind of stuff. And I actually felt pretty energized after that, have no clue how, I actually though I'll die somewhere in between

Working. This time searching for perfect shade of fabric to match chosen wallpaper.

My tiny workplace. I actually missed working from home, now I have an office, but well, what can be better than working in a bed... // Dinner - chicken w honey, rice and cabbage salad. I'm so hungry rn, I'd kill for this

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Thank you :) xo