august memories

4:32 PM

Trying to do marble nails at home by myself. Well, it looked kinda good from far far away. // Spending weekend at summer house w my bf. I had tonsillitis that weekend as well, so greeeatt time spent in bed w temperature and pain.

Sushi for dinner. I'm actually craving it so bad rn, ahh damn those photos // Outfit for chill day: turtle neck crop top, high wasted jeans, sneakers and leather jacket

Sunday trip to Birštonas w my family. It was nice to visit a city so near and the one I've never visited

Having really interesting breakfast - wrap w chicken, potato chips and chili tea // Driving to our location for summer ending weekend. It was last summer weekend and we (me, my friends and some people I know) decided to spent it near the lake. It was fun and weird weekend at the same time, I had few mental breakdowns (just because I wasn't in the best state), but everyone was too drunk to notice, so yay alcohol!

I was happy we happen to have good weather, even though nights were damn cold. Me and two of my friends complained a lot (two of us slept in tent and one in car), because it was reaaally cold to sleep. But I still went for swimming in daytime, just couldn't waste last summer days and this beautiful lake // And of course, no camping w/o marshmallows on fire. I'm wearing my bf's flipflops in this pic, they are way too big for me, but was too comfy to give back. I think I'll wear it next summer as well

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