june memories

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One of the best jelly candy you can find - natural and tasty, recommended! // Catching up w my bff, sushies and cocktails as always (ps i have been craving sushi so badly, these photos are not helping ahh)

Little weekend getaway with my boyfriend to Trakai // Berries for dinner, oh well

Working out w my grandma's bike // Outfit for cold evening walk - leggings, comfy sweater, leather jacket, big scarf and converse shoes

Attending Muse concert, it was amazing! // Bea Johnson's lecture about zero waste life, it was interesting and worth waking at 9 am at Sunday after sleepless night before

My graduation ceremony. I'm actually will write big post about it, stay tuned // Trying self tanners, didn't see much different with light one, soon will try dark one, even though I still have some tan on myself 

My favorite cocktails in bottle - vodka + watermelon and blue lagoon // Weekend kayaking. It was event for midsummer and me and my boyfriend decided to go there as well. Regardless of terrible migraine attack and sleeping for a day in tent just because of it, it was great weekend and I loved kayaking (tried it for the first time). Reminder for myself if in future I decide to do this again - don't drink unknown guy's wine. After that one I felt terribly drunk (literally couldn't think straight) and got terrible migraine, headache with nausea, ahh can't even think about it, awful awful memories.  

This is view in Balbieri┼íkio atodanga which we visited while going home from kayaking weekend. If you're visiting Lithuania I recommend to visit it! // Returning home after kayaking weekend and finding out I have huge bruise on my arm. Have no clue how I got it, it didn't hurt and I don't remember hitting my arm. I still have scars on my feet after I slipped on rocks in the river, maybe I got this at the same time hmm 

Traveling to Barcelona. One of highlights of summer I'm going to share in separate post :)

Breakfast in our hotel - fruit, croissants, yogurt, apple juice and coffee // Wandering in streets of Barcelona

Drinking sangria in Barcelona and finally finding out how it should actually taste. I tried to make the same one after coming home, definitely not the same, but close. // Trying spanish pizza, not bad!


recent haul (pt. 1)

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oh hello there
This post is actually so old, I was still living in Vilnius. But I still wanted to post this, just because of those little reviews about bought things some people might find useful :)

sweater // vero moda

Light, sheer sweater for cool days. It was bargain and material is lovely, so I like it a lot.

crop top // new yorker

I have been loving crop tops, just too insecure to wear one, buut, once I tried this one, I just couldn't leave it like this. Perfect with high wasted jeans and it doesn't even show my fat belly haha

skirt // vero moda

Perfect dark green skirt for spring and summer. I think I will wear this a lot during autumn time as well.

all types of socks // h&m, gifted

I think you will never have enough of big fluffy socks. And christmas one of course!

nivea rescue & care body lotion // drogas
eucerin repair hand cream // pharmacy

After having terrible allergies, I started to use creams for dry skin and honestly found that they work the best for me. I'm going to write another post about this Nivea lotion, so not going to share more, but definitely going to recommend this for everyone. While Eucerin cream didn't work much for my dry and cracked hands, even though it was really recommended and expensive.

melisa hair serum spray // rimi
batiste original dry shampoo // eurokos
john frieda luxurious volume shampoo // rimi

I decided to take more care of my hair and bought this hair serum spray, which should make your hair stronger and growing faster. Not sure if it did that, but it was cheap, smells nice and makes my hair little bit less static. 
After using tons of dry shampoos and regretting all of them, I finally found one which actually worked for me. Too bad I used it all in a month or so, but definitely would recommend!
First product, I have read so many good reviews, didn't work for me. It should have add more volume and also make your hair less oily, well, none of that happened. Totally waste of money.

r de l young eyebrow powder // drogas
maybelline lash sensational mascara // eurokos

Here's another product, which has been such a huuuge recommendation from vlogers/bloggers all around the world and once I started using it I used to think for myself "did maybelline paid them or what", because my lashes used to be one big lash, wet, black, with mascara all around my eyelid. I think I needed one or two months when it started to work better. I won't buy this one again, even if it did work after some time, but it's just not worth waiting, while we have so many mascaras which starts working right with first layer.
While eyebrow powder is my favorite one so far, I will talk more about it in one of my upcoming posts :)


Here's better view of it, two colors and a small brush, easy to apply and long lasting, definitely recommending this one.

maybelline super stay 3d gel effect plumping top coat // drogas
golden rose express dry nail lacquer (color 46) // drogas
golden rose rich color nail lacquer (color 31) // drogas

There's not much I can say about nail polishes this time, that top coat is actually working good for me, making nail polish last longer and that golden rose nail polish (color 46) is heaaaven. Once I bought it I realized I want lipstick color like this....

rimmel the only 1 lipstick (color 700 naughty nude) // drogas
lumene natural code candy smile gloss stick (color 4 juicy popsicle) // prisma
l'oreal infallible mega gloss (color 407 smoke me up (matte)) // maxima

...and I found it. This rimmel one is the same color like polish, even though on lips it looks little bit more pinkish. But, it stays long, smells nice, what else do you need :) Lumene one is easy to apply, even though I'm not so sure color fits me well, it might be little bit too bright. I just wanted it so badly I couldn't keep myself haha. And this l'oreal one is a little bit messy with stains on my teeth.

 12 13
lenovo e31 laptop // pigu.lt

Aaaand here's something I have been hiding and enjoying. At the end of february I bought myself new laptop, much lighter and much better. Been loving it so much! 

So here's the first part of my recent buys, there will be one or two more soon!
I hope you're having a good day, see you soon :)

may memories

10:00 PM

Celebrating mother's day w concert and eating at chinese. Aubergine, rice and ginger/carrots coctail

Walking with sakuras // Trying nakd bars, these two weren't so great though

Making (and decorating) cupcakes for my grandma's bday. Salted caramel ones with cream cheese topping were my favorites! // Driving home from business meeting in style ofc 

Traditions tradition w my bestie: sushies, coctails, cherry beer, river and walks talks

Having donuts lunch w my mom and sis // Finally writing my thesis. You have no clue how happy I was then

Most beautiful flowers from my boyfriend // Trying to get fit again and of course not for long.. I need to get there again!

here we go again

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and when i said im not coming back...

well hello there
I know it's been ages since my last post, I was wondering delete or not, and as you're reading this right now I guess you know the answer. 
This summer has been the busiest summer of my life, starting with graduating and ending with trips. But I'm going to talk about it later - by bunch of summer memories posts. And also bunch of recent hauls I've postponed since winter and also maybe some phone memories. 
I think this is my last time taking break from blogging, if this happens ever again - I'm deleting my blog.
or creating youtube channel 
How have you been doing, friends? 

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