easy days

11:14 PM

Hey hey hey hey!!
Long time no see! I'm finally able to make normal post! Not that I hate making monthly memories or haul posts, but I feel like those were the only thing I could manage to post. Sooo, yesterday I finally gave my full entire thesis away and now I only have to present it next month, so I could say I have a little more free time. Aaand I'm starting to plan my summer, kinda excited how it's going to be! Many plans, many excited things! And also, since I'm graduating this year, I guess I can say that I'll start another new life (or just lifestyle) and even though I'm really anxious about it, yet I'm looking forward to it. Talking about my blog and blog posts, I have few posts scheduled, I'm also thinking maybe I should write a post about university life, even though I'm not sure, maybe it's too boring :/ But I'll probably mention some things in other posts, since university years were crazy, sad, happy and all the emotions in one. 
Now I'm about to go to write more posts to you, so see you soon!

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march memories

11:37 PM

// mostly food edition

My two same but not same lunch at work - oatmeal w apple and w pear

Another lunch for work - fruit salad. Most times containing banana, apple, pear and orange and sometimes grapefruit (which I haven't liked yet) and kiwi.

One of my fav salad w easiest recipe ever - just mix lettuce, green olives, tomatoes, avo and sunflower seeds // Kinda healthy dinner - chicken, buckwheat and beetroot salad 

Once again - fruit fruit fruit. Kinda missed eating these big bowls of fruit for lunch

Late saturday breakfast - cooked oatmeal w oat milk and banana // Peanut butter banana and coffee lunch at work

Healthy food shopping - bran sticks cereal, oat milk, apples, bananas and avocados // Got little bit carried away w lipsticks I think

Tulips from co workers on women's day // Snowing again in the middle of march. Totes normal for Lithuanian weather