happy holidays!

9:12 PM

Merry Christmas!
I hope everyone is having a really good time with their families and loved ones! x

october memories

4:31 PM

Two beautiful views from kind of towers (I'm not sure how they're called in english).

It was beautiful autumn, what can I say.. // Trying to film a video. Well, as you haven't see it yet, you might know, it didn't turn out well

Pretty fluffy little one ♥ // This is what happens when I'm not sure if I want pickles or pineapple. Well, both were tasty

First snow, well not really can be seen // Trying vitamin water in cranberries taste. Wasn't as good as expected

Few shots from the hike I've went to. I've walked 28 km in a day, forest walk - hills, rivers, all that kind of stuff. And I actually felt pretty energized after that, have no clue how, I actually though I'll die somewhere in between

Working. This time searching for perfect shade of fabric to match chosen wallpaper.

My tiny workplace. I actually missed working from home, now I have an office, but well, what can be better than working in a bed... // Dinner - chicken w honey, rice and cabbage salad. I'm so hungry rn, I'd kill for this


recent haul // beauty edition

12:41 PM

hi there
Here I am again with another haul post. This time it's only beauty related, no clothes or other stuff. Since I've tried most of these things I'll write short reviews/my opinion. Here we go!

nivea rich nourishing body moisturizer // drogas
sun ozon self tanner for normal and dark skin // gifted
sun ozon self tanner for light skin // gifted

After using Nivea's body moisturizer and finding out it's my favorite I wanted to buy same one again. Too bad I didn't find it in store, so I bought one which I thought gonna be similar (or same one, just different packaging), buut unfortunately, it's not the same. The last one I had was for very dry skin, while this one if for dry to very dry. And I feel like old one had better consistency, while this one is more creamy and harder to dry. Buut, overall it's not bad, my skin likes it, so I can't say many bad things.
I used to love self tanners when I was younger, now it's just taking too much time and effort. I got these and only tried lighter one, because I'm pretty pale and thought dark one would be way too dark. But, light one honestly didn't make much change. I might try darker one someday soon, just when I have enough time to pamper myself (probably in spring or something).

uogauoga laimės puokštė natural shampoo // uogauoga
belkosmex herbs&spices hair conditioner // eurokos
batiste original dry shampoo // maxima

I have tried UogaUoga shampoo only once, so don't have strong opinion, only that it doesn't lather much (well, it's organic maybe because of that) but I'm so not used to this, so hard to know if it's cleaning, did I put enough product etc etc. I'll try to use it more and maybe see it then.
This conditioner has herbs and spices in it (well, package says it all) and it should make your hair grow faster. I'm not sure how actually this should work since I only put it in ends, not roots, but I might have seen slight change in my hair growth. The only bad thing is that I can't find (well, this one is the same) conditioner which would make my hair less static.
After buying my first original Batiste dry shampoo and loving it I thought another bottle would work too. And after buying different range one and finding out it's not working I thought only original does its' work. Apparently I was wrong. I guess my hair was different or shampoo somehow was better, I don't know, but this one doesn't do any work. My hair still greasy even if I do the same routine I used to do.

margarita make-up removal wipes // maxima
uogauoga gėlių laukai face wash // uogauoga
uogauoga rožių žydėjimas face cream // uogauoga
uogauoga oranžinis debesėlis face cream // uogauoga

When it comes to make up removing I usually use micellar water, but since I'm not staying at home every day I found make up removing wipes to come in handy. But I'm not sure how I feel about these ones, they do remove make up, but my eyes hurts a bit after removing. Even though I always wash my face afterwards, but after using these there's no way I could leave it unwashed.
From UogaUoga products I've only tried orange one cream, it was okay, I'm not big fan of the smell, but it's organic so it's not a surprise. And another bad thing - these products expire pretty fast, well, once again, it's organic.

essential care mascara // livinn
rimmel scandaleyes mascara // drogas
manhattan endless stay lip tint (color 94x true red) // prisma
maybelline vivid matte liquid (color 50 nude thrill) // maxima
sincero salon matte nail polish (color m12) // iki
golden rose matte top coat // prisma
belaton colorie nail polish (color 628) // eurokos

When it comes to make up, well, yeah, I might get lost a bit. I bought two new mascaras - Essential care one is ecological and gives your lashes more natural look while Rimmel one gives more dramatic, big, long black lashes look. I actually like them both.
I've always wondered would bright red lip fit me and I honestly thought this lip tint is that color, but I feel like it's a little bit darker red one. I bought it mostly because it was cheap (Manhattan discount), buut even though color is nice, it stays on lip for long..too long. I couldn't even remove it with make up remover, it could stay there forever. So ones might find it as pro, but I find it as con. 
I wanted nude matt lipstick for quite a long time now and had find some options, but one was too expensive, for another I wasn't sure.. And I'm still not sure about this one, because it's not actually matt. But I loved this color too much, so why not...
Sincero matt nail polish - nice color, but terrible consistency after applying; Belaton perfect olive green color nail polish - love love love and product I'm mostly happy about - this matt top coat and me finally having all of my nail polishes in matt shade haha


This is mascara's brushes - top one is Essential one and bottom - Rimmel. You can see that Essential one is smaller and more simpler one, while Rimmel is the one for dramatic look. But both of them is easy to work and apply with.


And here's how lip tints'/liquids' colors look like. And honestly, that red one stayed for few days after trying to remove it..

So there it is, my recent beauty haul. I have really bad habit of writing these posts for so long that I buy new stuff..so I think there will be another haul post pretty soon... But until then, have a good rest of the day! x


weekend getaway

3:30 PM

well hello there!
How are you today? I've been super busy (well, what's new) and finally made myself some time to write this. Last week I had tiny weekend getaway to Lithuanian sea side. I've never been to any sea during winter time, it was nice experience! I stayed at hotel and also visited SPA centre - salt room, sauna, jacuzzi, well all things like that. It was relaxation needed for sure, I wish I could do this every weekend haha. The only bad thing was bad weather, well it's nice to watch snow falling down, but not so nice to be in the snow storm with temperature deep down below zero.

We took old roadway (I'm not sure how it's actually called), not the new fancy Kaunas - Klaipėda one. I think it was waay more beautiful even though it was too cold to stop to do some sightseeing

These are my favorite snack, recommending! I like them waaay more than normal potatoes chips and honestly could eat only these.

This is Žuvitakio slėnis in Viešvilė. Def recommend to visit if you're in Lithuania

This is how the room I stayed in looked like. It was typical simple hotel room w double bed, bathroom and balcony. Nothing too fancy, but comfy enough

Palanga's Christmas tree in city hall (I think). It was the weekend they lit it out, so there were plenty of people in the city. I honestly thought nobody visits Palanga in winter time, I was wrong!

7 8
Some sea imagery. It was so nice and weird at the same time to walk along the sea in the snow.

So as I said before, it was needed and enjoyed relaxation. Hopefully I'll do this again one day :) 
I hope you're having a good day,
See you soon! x

ps As you may see I've changed my blog's theme. I needed this change to make myself blog more, even though I'm still not really happy by the way it looks. Well, hopefully I'll fix it soon, but until then I'm waiting for your response if you like new or old theme better? :)


happy december

2:37 PM

hey hey hey
or more like
ho ho ho
At one point I was thinking I'm going to do BLOGMAS - like vlogmas all the youtubers do, just not videos but blog posts. Buut busy happened and I just rather not try knowing I won't make it anyway. December is looking like it gonna be cold, busy and short month, but I'm still happy, because CHRISTMAS! Really really excited.
Now I just have to go back to work, I just wanted to remind about myself, share those beautiful winter time pictures and wish you a wonderful december :)

september memories

7:00 PM

Going to job interview and feeling really businessy // Bright flowers to brighten my day and room

Finding perfect green olives color nail polish // Trying to work with my mind set more by reading these books. Not sure if helped

Trying my friend's new BMW. Nothing really magical, I just loved light interior // Mc dinner..bad for my figure for sure

Little one 💖 // Having some picnic with my bf's family with most beautiful view

Visiting my bff and enjoying home made burgers on a hot autumn day // Another bright flowers to brighten my room and day

Another job interview outfit

Two ways of celebrating finally getting my drivers licence. 

Evening out with my bff at our favorite place // Autumn!

Finding the perfect lip gloss, but come on, spending so much on it?? // Driving to summer house and enjoying this view

happy birthday to me

5:07 PM

oh hello there
I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write this post, but oh well, I've turned 23 today! It's not everyday you're turning 23 right. 
So this day started by cake at work and I have no clue what else going to happen at the evening, but I really hope no more cake, because I just over-ate it. One time in a year is actually enough...and I have two more birthdays this month. I mean not mine, but with huge possibility to eat another cake. 
It would be too hard to review this year, there was good and there was bad, I managed to do a lot of things I've wanted, I've met a lot of important people to me and I've completely lost touch with some, I've made some of my dreams come true and had some shattered to pieces. I'm not making any resolutions, I'm leaving this for new years, now I have only one goal - make more of my dreams come true.
I'll probably add more pics from this day to my november memories.
Now I'm back to work, see you soon! x


summer memories // pt. 2 - Barcelona

10:06 AM

good day
Today, when it's actually snow snow and nothing but the snow outside I found some time to share one of the brightest highlights of my last summer - trip to Barcelona. I had "visiting Spain" in my bucketlist, so one thing less!
If talking more about the trip, I was traveling with my family and we were traveling on our own - no traveling agencies, nothing. We booked all - plane tickets, hotel, museums tickets on our own. And even though we had all time to ourselves, like no rush, we can do anything WE want, but I think if I was visiting some new place (especially like Barcelona) I'd probably rather have some professional guidance with me. And also, another tip - book some meal plans, because it was huuuge headache every single time we needed to choose a place to eat.

bDSC_7445 bDSC_7448

Talking about accommodation - we lived in Badalona, around 12 km from Barcelona. We chose this city because it was near sea, our hotel was at the sea side. We used trains and metro to travel everywhere, it's actually great deal with their train cards. 

bDSC_6872 bDSC_6879 bDSC_6900 bDSC_6911 bDSC_6966 bDSC_6973 bDSC_7001 bDSC_7011

One of the hardest thing for us was the fact, that Spanish people don't talk english. They don't even understand it. We had problems at train stations few times and got sent from one officer to another... I mean it was fine at the end, but if you're planing to visit Barcelona I recommend to know main things and not in Spanish, but in Catalonian, because also, not every of them speaks Spanish. I personally know some spanish and there were one funny moment when I needed some help at train station, I went to talk to this help lady and she was talking spanish with me while I was talking english and just out of nowhere I said one sentence in spanish and she got all mad like "you told me you don't speak spanish" haha 

bDSC_7026 bDSC_7029 bDSC_7050 bDSC_7081 bDSC_7091 bDSC_7119 bDSC_7124

If talking about prices, Spain is pretty expensive country, well comparing to prices at Lithuania. Buut, I still managed to buy myself some clothes, I just couldn't walk past H&M and Stradivarius. But food in both restaurants and food stores are definitely more expensive. 

bDSC_7186 bDSC_7197 bDSC_7201 bDSC_7209

Even though we went there on July, it wasn't even that hot. I mean it was hot enough to drink tons of water, but I really though Spain in summer would be hotter. We didn't even swam in sea that much, because water wasn't warm enough. But of course I managed to get burned, it was painful as hell.

bDSC_7217 bDSC_7272 bDSC_7287 bDSC_7325 bDSC_7390 bDSC_7394 bDSC_7430

Overall, I loved being there and I'm really happy I've visited Spain. I'm not sure if I will ever visit Barcelona again, but I would love to visit more cities of Spain someday. 
I hope you liked this post :) 
Have you ever been to Barcelona? What you liked the most? :) x