november memories

1:37 AM

My little fire place haha. It was actually pretty cold, this made whole situation a little bit better. // Visiting and visiting doctors. I started taking care of myself last July or August and last appointment I had was in November. I found two possible reasons why I have this terrible dizziness, but bad thing is no medicine is actually helping with these. 

Lunch: tortilla w pickles, olives, chicken and two types of cheese, yum! // Vegan brownie, actually turned out to be amazingly tasty! Maybe I should do recipe post hmmm

Birthday selfie // First kind of snow this winter. Was gone in moment I think. 

Birthday present from my friends. Recommending for sweets lovers!

Little onee ♥  // Driving home after crazy night out w my bestie. Perfect view for thinking about what actually happened haha

Aaaand getting sick. I have no clue if I got it from my friend or that night out. Terrible cough and runny nose for two whole weeks. // Dinner w my bestie - cheese steaks w french fries and salad and hot wine. Perf for a cold day.

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