happy holidays! | Christmas outfit

6:18 PM


Hello everybody!
How are you today? :) I finally found some time to share bits of my holidays. This year, same as last, I spent Christmas eve at my grandma's and Christmas day in Vilnius. It was so nice to catch up with everyone, since we see each other less and less during whole year. I kept thinking how time flies and I actually have no idea where I'm going to be when next Christmas comes so it's exactly time I have to spent more time with my family and enjoy holidays as much as possible :) 
Sadly this year we had snowless Christmas and it felt like any other days, rather than Christmas, but it started snowing few days after and now I can say we're actually having winter time. Too bad it's cold as well, as snow lover I really do hate cold :/ 

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And for ending this post here is my Christmas eve outfit. I took pics before heading out, I didn't spent evening w that scarf, even though it was little bit too cold.. Anyways, two main pieces gonna be featured in haul post soon :)

scarf - reserved // sweater - local store // skirt - h&m

Tell me, how was your holidays? :) 
I really hope you all are having wonderful evening and see you in other post soon! :)

november memories

1:37 AM

My little fire place haha. It was actually pretty cold, this made whole situation a little bit better. // Visiting and visiting doctors. I started taking care of myself last July or August and last appointment I had was in November. I found two possible reasons why I have this terrible dizziness, but bad thing is no medicine is actually helping with these. 

Lunch: tortilla w pickles, olives, chicken and two types of cheese, yum! // Vegan brownie, actually turned out to be amazingly tasty! Maybe I should do recipe post hmmm

Birthday selfie // First kind of snow this winter. Was gone in moment I think. 

Birthday present from my friends. Recommending for sweets lovers!

Little onee ♥  // Driving home after crazy night out w my bestie. Perfect view for thinking about what actually happened haha

Aaaand getting sick. I have no clue if I got it from my friend or that night out. Terrible cough and runny nose for two whole weeks. // Dinner w my bestie - cheese steaks w french fries and salad and hot wine. Perf for a cold day.

my life nowadays

4:36 PM

Hello everybody!
How are you guys? The last time I was here I was dreaming about blogging everyday till Christmas, yeah right, def happened... Thing called UNIVERSITY happened, that's what that was. I had milions of paperwork I couldn't even blog to say that I won't be blogging. But now I'm finally done with all those papers, only exams left and now I have more free time :) I have couple of things I want to do on these holidays and also few resolutions, but hopefully I'll manage to do those and blog as well. It's about time I take care of this little baby - my blog :)

And I also now have only 4 hours sleep deprivation, good few days with 10 hours of sleep :))

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^ most of my evenings looked exactly like this - paperwork, some crispbread w hummus, tea and romantic candle light...


And I also want to share those two candles - those smell AMAZING. Highly recommend for winter time :) 
// from ikea
// from maxima