happy december

2:37 PM

hey hey hey
or more like
ho ho ho
At one point I was thinking I'm going to do BLOGMAS - like vlogmas all the youtubers do, just not videos but blog posts. Buut busy happened and I just rather not try knowing I won't make it anyway. December is looking like it gonna be cold, busy and short month, but I'm still happy, because CHRISTMAS! Really really excited.
Now I just have to go back to work, I just wanted to remind about myself, share those beautiful winter time pictures and wish you a wonderful december :)

september memories

7:00 PM

Going to job interview and feeling really businessy // Bright flowers to brighten my day and room

Finding perfect green olives color nail polish // Trying to work with my mind set more by reading these books. Not sure if helped

Trying my friend's new BMW. Nothing really magical, I just loved light interior // Mc dinner..bad for my figure for sure

Little one 💖 // Having some picnic with my bf's family with most beautiful view

Visiting my bff and enjoying home made burgers on a hot autumn day // Another bright flowers to brighten my room and day

Another job interview outfit

Two ways of celebrating finally getting my drivers licence. 

Evening out with my bff at our favorite place // Autumn!

Finding the perfect lip gloss, but come on, spending so much on it?? // Driving to summer house and enjoying this view

happy birthday to me

5:07 PM

oh hello there
I wasn't sure if I really wanted to write this post, but oh well, I've turned 23 today! It's not everyday you're turning 23 right. 
So this day started by cake at work and I have no clue what else going to happen at the evening, but I really hope no more cake, because I just over-ate it. One time in a year is actually enough...and I have two more birthdays this month. I mean not mine, but with huge possibility to eat another cake. 
It would be too hard to review this year, there was good and there was bad, I managed to do a lot of things I've wanted, I've met a lot of important people to me and I've completely lost touch with some, I've made some of my dreams come true and had some shattered to pieces. I'm not making any resolutions, I'm leaving this for new years, now I have only one goal - make more of my dreams come true.
I'll probably add more pics from this day to my november memories.
Now I'm back to work, see you soon! x